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Spot any dental crowns in the Aviva on Thursday night?

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If you wanted to take a snapshot of what the teeth of the nation look like, then the Aviva Stadium last Thursday night was the place to be.



It’s taken us a couple of days, but we’ve eventually come back to earth after the amazing exploits of ‘The Boys In Green’ on Thursday night. Even before Shane Long’s remarkable goal, the atmosphere was electric. Our MyDental surgery is only about a hundred metres from the Aviva as the crow flies – and when that ball hit the back of the German net, you could actually feel the stadium rock on its foundations.

When we got back home after the match, we’d recorded it on TV so we watched it all over again – jut to make sure that it wasn’t just a dream. And one of the things that really struck us about the after-match imagery of the Irish fans was the fact that EVERYONE (bar a few hundred Germans) was smiling. That’s over 50,000 smiles in evidence at the same time.

And in looking at those Irish smiles, it was like a snapshot of the dental health of the nation. We saw people with gorgeous ‘pearly whites’, we saw crooked teeth, we saw old and slightly discoloured teeth – and of course, we saw a few of the inevitable ‘gummy smiles’.

But here’s the thing. Of those who seemed to be flashing ‘the perfect smile’, there was literally no way of telling if the smile was ‘as nature intended’, or if there had been some dental intervention to make it look so good. Because with treatments such as teeth crowns, it’s virtually impossible to ‘spot the difference’ – which is one of the big benefits of this form of treatment.


What are crowns used for?

Another big benefit of crowns is that they’re a very versatile form of treatment. They can be used to repair a tooth that has structural damage, or is badly discoloured, or is often used to build up a tooth after a root canal treatment.

And a great reason for opting for a crown is that it will give you a full range of ‘usability’ - in other words, you can use your crowned tooth in exactly the same way as you'd use your normal teeth – chomping and biting as normal. Your dentist can even file or colour the newly crowned tooth so that it looks exactly like your normal teeth.


What are crowns made of?

Good question. There are quite a few types of dental crowns on the market, each with a particular plus point. Your dentist will recommend what’s best for your own particular problem. You can opt for porcelain crowns, stainless steel crowns, porcelain-fused-to-metal, all-resin crowns, and even zirconium crowns.


Is it an expensive form of treatment?

Not at all. Here at MyDental, we’ve streamlined the process to such an extent that they’re very affordable – and even more so if you opt for our 0% Dental Finance Plan. You can opt to spread the cost over nine months, six months or three months, so you’ve plenty of flexibility.


Some further info on crown types

If you’d like to study a bit more about the different forms of dental crowns, here’s a great article on the website of WebMD - http://www.webmd.com/oral-health/guide/dental-crowns#2