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Dental crowns are really something to smile about!

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A dental crown is a both affordable and effective when it comes to restoring the strength or appearance of a damaged tooth. Get the full lowdown right here.

Dental crowns have been part of the dental landscape for decades, and there’s barely one of us out there who hasn’t already got one – or knows somebody who has.

They’re used for two main purposes. First of all, they’re a very effective way at bringing back the lustre to teeth that have become very badly discoloured – maybe as a result of Old Father Time, or possibly through smoking, tea or wine drinking.

The other use is when the structural integrity of a tooth is threatened – possibly due to disease or perhaps an accident on the sports field.

There has been an amazing leap forward in recent years in the quality of dental crowns. If you go back more than a decade or so, it was extremely easy to spot the wearer of a crown. There was a telltale metallic ring beside the gum which gave the game away.

All that is changed for the better, however. Today, no matter how close you get to someone who’s wearing a crown, you’re not going to spot it unless you’re a practicing dentist.

The reason that crowns are so commonly used by dentists around the world is because of their versatility. As mentioned earlier, they can be used for either cosmetic or functional reasons. They’re also called into play quite frequently after a root canal treatment.

What’s the science behind dental crowns?

Very simply put, a crown fits onto the existing tooth – being placed on top of it like a king’s crown. But don’t be concerned that this will make the overall size of your tooth too big – and out of keeping with the ret of your teeth

First of all, your dentist files down the original tooth very carefully, making sure that when the crows is affixed, it looks exactly the same size as the neighbouring teeth. The crown can also be matched to the colour of your existing teeth, so there’s really no way that people can ‘spot the difference’.

Why might you need a crown?

If the damaged tooth is so structurally unsound that it can’t accommodate a major filling, your dentist will probably opt for a crown. He may also go down this route, however, when the tooth is quite sound, but has become very badly discoloured and is taking away from the quality of your smile.

If you’re a heavy smoker, the chances are high that this fate will eventually befall you – yet another reason to consider giving up the fags?

Once the crown is in place, you can have complete and utter confidence in it. It’s fixed to the filed down tooth with a special type of dental cement. When this sets, it forms a bond that’s actually stronger than your teeth, so you can eat, chomp and bite to your heart’s content.

Are they very expensive?

Absolutely not. Today, a tooth crown is very affordable – and don’t forget that you can opt to spread the cost over three, six or nine months with our 0% Dental Finance Plan.

Also known as dental crowns, the process of attaching one is very simple and your dentist could almost do it in his sleep at this stage. But don’t worry – we promise that he’ll be wide awake!

The treatment is highly effective, but should you be in any way unhappy with ANY treatment here at MyDental, you can look for redress via the formal dental complaints procedure – http://dentalcomplaints.ie/patients.html