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Why teeth crowns are your silent dental hero.

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They may be one of the most commonplace of all dental treatments – but crowns are also one of the most successful. Here’s why.

We had a patient in the surgery last week (let’s call him John for the purpose of this article) who had been putting up with an unsightly gap in his smile because of losing half a tooth in an accident on the football pitch. This had happened almost two years ago.

We had to agree that his smile was less than perfect, and asked him why he had left it so long to get it sorted. He told us that he had been putting if off because he presumed it would cost him ‘a small fortune’ to have it fixed.

This is a situation that we’ve come across on a fairly regular basis. There seems to be a perception out there that a visit to the dentist these days almost requires a second mortgage. Nothing could be further from the truth – and here’s the reason for this.

First of all, the Internet has empowered patients to a huge degree. They can very easily check around for the best value, which has had the impact of driving prices down.

Also, greater efficiencies and improved streamlining on the part of most dentists means that you tend to spend less time in the dentist’s chair, which means that you’ll normally pay less than heretofore.

Also, when you have the treatment carried out by MyDental, you can even choose to spread the cost over three, six or nine months – thanks to our 0% Dental Finance Plan.

In the case of John, when we told him the price of teeth crowns, he was absolutely stunned and decided to get started on his treatment then and there.

He was even more pleasantly surprised when we told him about the outcome he could expect – and how nobody would even know that he was wearing something artificial in his mouth.


So what’s the story about teeth crowns?

Teeth crowns are sometimes referred to as dental crowns, but whichever term you choose to use, it’s a brilliantly simple and brilliantly effective way of treating a tooth which may be damaged, or which may be badly discoloured.

The name is probably relatively self-descriptive, but for the sake of those who don’t know what a crown is, it’s a kind of cap that is fitted over the damaged tooth by your dentist. Before fixing it in place, your dentist files down the existing tooth, so that the crown will not result in a larger than normal tooth. Everything will fit in brilliantly, and nobody will even know you’re wearing a crown unless you choose to spill the beans yourself.

The new crown is fixed to the old tooth by a special form of dental cement, and the end result is that once the cement has set, your new crown is going absolutely nowhere, no matter what you choose to eat or bite into.


Are there different types of crowns?

Yes – depending on the particular circumstances that your dentist is dealing with, he can choose from crowns made from different substances. Of these, zirconium crowns and porcelain crowns are among the most popular you’ll come across here in Ireland.

In the case of John, we’ve now finished the treatment and you’ll never guess what! After two years of believing that he couldn’t afford a crown, he’s now become a zealot and is telling all of his friends and family just how affordable this treatment is. We’ll have to put him on commission!


Want to learn a bit more about crowns?

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