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Teeth crowns can work wonders for your smile.

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Don’t give up on a tooth just because it’s lost its lustre. Look to teeth crowns instead – here’s why.

As you’d expect, we love to keep up with the most advanced techniques in modern dentistry here at MyDental Towers. And believe us when we tell you that dental medicine is advancing just as quickly as other branches of science.

The treatments that are available to us today versus 25 years ago are almost like chalk and cheese, and we’ve every confidence that the next 25 years will see the same sort of advances in the care of our nation’s teeth.

But despite the rapid rate of progress, there are some ‘old stalwarts’ that have defied the advances of time and are as popular with dentists today as they ever were.

A perfect example of this is teeth crowns – also referred to sometimes as dental crowns. And it’s easy to see why they’ve stood the test of time. This simple and affordable treatment has a whole raft of benefits, including:

• It’s a very versatile form of treatment. Your dentist can call on the humble crown to repair a tooth that’s become badly discoloured (perhaps from smoking or too much red wind or tea drinking). He can also use a crown to repair a tooth that’s become damaged – perhaps due to an accident. And a crown is also used to rebuild the tooth after a root canal – in cases where a filling is not viable.

• Teeth crowns are highly functional. What we mean by this is that once a tooth has been crowned, you can trust it completely to do all those chores that your normal teeth perform so well – like chomping into a juicy apple or chewing away on a steak. You can have the same confidence in your crowned teeth as you have in all the rest of your dental makeup.

• Teeth crowns are also very discreet. Nobody will know you're wearing one unless you choose to share the news with them. Your dentist can file and colour the crown so that it looks exactly like the surrounding teeth – it’s simply impossible for a normal Joe Soap to spot the difference.

• There’s no big deal in having a crown fitted – it's a very simple process. Your dentist files down the damaged tooth, and then the dental crown (think of it as a form of cap that slips over the damaged tooth) is fixed in place. And don't be tempted to think that it could slip off again. It’s held in place by a special form of dental cement that forms a really permanent bond once it’s fully set.

Are there different forms of crown?

Yes, although all of them fulfil pretty much the same function. Among the more popular that you’ll see on the Irish market are zirconium crowns and porcelain crowns but you’;; see in our price list that we offer the full range of crowns to our patients.

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