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What does a dental crown cost? Not as much as you think.

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Few dental treatments work as much magic as the dental crown. Here’s the full lowdown for you.

We took our car into the garage recently for some un-scheduled attention. Just weeks after its regular service, there was a wheezing noise when we put the foot down. It didn’t actually seem to be hampering the car’s performance, but the noise really started to become annoying.

We took it back to the main dealer where we bought it, and the first thing their service department did was to plug it into a sophisticated piece of diagnostic equipment, which nailed the problem in a matter of minutes.

The episode highlighted to us just how much technology has advanced in recent times. The days of a mechanic putting his head under the bonnet are long gone, it seems.

The same is true in our own profession of dentistry. These days, digitised X-Rays and lasers for detecting tooth cavities are just some of the ways in which we’re taking giant strides forward.

Despite this, however, there are a whole host of tried and tested treatments that have been around for generations – and that are still doing the job brilliantly today for millions of patients right around the world. Included in this list of ‘older technologies’ is the dental crown, which has an unrivalled ability to restore the smile of someone who’s got a damaged or badly discoloured tooth (or teeth).

Porcelain crowns, for example, are used here at MyDental and thousands of other surgeries in Ireland – despite being around for yonks.


Why are crowns so popular with dentists?

There are a number of reasons why crowns have withstood the test of time. First up is the fact that they're very versatile. They can be used to address functional problems, but they're equally adept at righting aesthetic issues.

The aesthetic reasons may involve severe discolouration, perhaps as a result of drinking too much red wine or tea – or perhaps puffing on one too many cigarettes. The more functional uses of a crown can be to address a structural issue, which could be the result of an accident or neglect.

Another reason why your dentist will often opt for a crown is that it’s a highly efficient form of treatment. It will restore the full range of functionality of the damaged tooth, and you can eat, drink, laugh and smile as normal – without worrying about your crowned tooth.

And because your dentist files and colours the crown to match your existing tooth and those surrounding it, there’s no way that anyone will know you're wearing one – unless you decide to show off your new treatment.


Are dental crowns very expensive?

Absolutely not. The prices have tumbled in recent years as the process has become more streamlined. And we should also point out that your dental crown cost can be spread over a number of months (from three to nine months) when you avail of our 0% Dental Finance Plan.

Another plus point is that, for a crown dental Dublin is a centre of excellence, including the MyDental Surgery here on Bath Avenue where you’ll enjoy a mix of friendly, professional and affordable treatment.

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