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Crowning glory on your smile costs less than you think.

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A dental crown brilliantly effective at restoring the look or the functionality of a damaged tooth. And even better, it costs a lot less than you think!

Dental science has made huge striges over recent decades, and some of the treatments that your MyDental dentist can carry out like something from Tomorrow’s World.

But despite the growth of new dental techniques and technologies, some forms of dental treatments have been around for ages – and are none the worse for that fact. Typical of these ‘old stalwarts’ in the not-so-humble dental crown, which continues to play a vitally important part in keeping your smile exactly the way you want it to be.

Your dentist will usually choose a dental crown in two related instances. The first of these is when a tooth has become very badly discoloured. Sometimes, this is simply something that happens with advancing age, but sometimes it can be caused by drinking tea or red wine in large quantities. Bot of them tend to leave a lasting stain, over time.

The other big reason for discoloured teeth, of course, is smoking. We’re sure you have numerous friends or family members who are heavy smokers – and have those brown-stained teeth to prove it!

The other instance in which your dentist may choose a crown is when a tooth has been structurally damaged. This could be down to an accident, or possibly dental disease. And after a root canal treatment, a crown may be the preferred treatment to a large filling, which the tooth may simply not be able to bear.

Are dental crowns easy to spot?

In the not-so-distant past, it was very easy to spot someone with a crown. There was a characteristic metallic ring to be seen – right where the crown met the gum – and this was an absolute giveaway. Today, however, this is very definitely not the case.

Nowadays, no matter how close you get to someone with a crown, you simply won’t be able to tell it apart from a normal tooth. So opting for a crown is a simple and affordable way of restoring your

How do dental crowns work in practice?

A crown gets its name because of the fact that it’s placed OVER your exiting tooth – in coronation style. But if you believe this would make your tooth larger than normal, don’t worry – your dentist has thought of this and will file down the real tooth first of all.

This means that the new crowned tooth will look exactly like the rest of your teeth – and can even have the same colouring as your current teeth. The bottom line is that a professionally applied crown is simply impossible to spot by friend or colleagues.

Are crowns dependable and robust?

Very definitely yes. First of all, the crown itself is made from a very durable substance, so you can have every confidence in it. But of equal importance, the ‘bond’ that connects it to your existing tooth is equally strong. It is held in place by a special type of dental cement which hardens to form a very robust attachment. The bond, in fact, is actually stronger than your teeth, so you can tackle any food with confidence.

Will they break the bank?

No – absolutely not. At MyDental, a tooth crown is more affordable than ever – especially if you opt for our 0% Dental Finance Plan that lets you spread the cost over three, six or nine months – without costing you a single cent in interest.

And in terms of how long it will take, tooth crowns – also known as dental crowns – are a relatively straightforward procedure and will involve mimimal time or discomfort in the dentist’s chair.

You’re also guaranteed the high level of after-care for which we’re rightly regarded, but if you should have any reservations about your new dental crowns – or any other treatment here at MyDental – don't forget that that there is a formal dental complaints procedure in pace – you can find out all the details right here - http://dentalcomplaints.ie/patients.html