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A dental crown is a knockout form of treatment.

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For damaged or off-colour teeth, look no further than dental crowns. Here’s why. 

We’ve never been huge fans of boxing – it's a little too violent for our liking. But every so often, a boxer emerges who seems to transcend the sport and demand that you watch them in action.

Muhammad Ali would be a classic case in point. He was probably THE definitive sportsman of the 20th century, known throughout the world for his bravery, his grace and his sheer ring talent.

Our own Katie Taylor is now promising to do something similar in the world of women’s professional boxing, and although her first two fights have been facile and don't tell us much about her prospects, we have a feeling that she will soon be as dominant in the professional ranks as she was in the amateur game.

Another boxer who demanded that the whole world take notice of him was Mike Tyson. We have always had a fascination with this man, who is so quiet out of the ring, but who was such a devastating force within the ring.

If you ever watched him in action, what struck you first was that he was usually much smaller than his opponents. But when it came to sheer ferocity of punching, he was simply unmatched.

Mike was never hit particularly hard in the ring – his opponents tended not to last long enough to hurt him. So maybe it was growing up in the rougher quarters of New York that saw him somewhat challenged in the smile department.

When financial success came his way, he went through a relatively long spell wearing gold caps on his front teeth. These days, however, he seems to have some more work done and his teeth are smaller and closer together than we’ve ever seen them before.

We haven't got close enough to him to spot whether they are dental crowns or veneers, and to be honest, we probably don’t want to!

But either way, the treatment he’s had gives him a great new look. And whether he’s had porcelain crowns or composites, we have to admit that his dentist has done a great job.

And although Iron Mike earned an absolute fortune in his time, the typical dental crown cost these days wouldn’t exactly have bankrupt him. They’re more affordable than ever these days, mainly due to increased streamlining in modern dental surgeries.

Crowns are also more effective than ever, and are the go-to treatment for dentists right around the globe when it comes to repairing a tooth that’s either damaged or discoloured. The change in colour can be due to advancing years (it happens to us all eventually!) or perhaps drinking too much tea or red wine, both of which wreak havoc on the whiteness of your smile.

So if you're in the same boat and are looking for some work in the area of crown dental Dublin is a great place to have your smile sorted – and for much less than you think.

So why not resolve to do something about that dodgy smile – drop in to us and let us spell out your options for you. Meanwhile, here’s a little more reading on this topic –http://www.knowyourteeth.com/infobites/abc/article/?abc=C&iid=301&aid=1204