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Dental crowns can fix your smile in no time.

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It’s never been easier to sort a dodgy smile – and here’s why. 

Those among you who like a bit of rap will know that one of the biggest stars of this genre, 50 Cent, was famously called out by a rival for having a gap in his front teeth. He decided to do something about it, but rather than look for perfection, he told his dentist that he still wanted to look like himself in the narrow – just a bit better!

We know where he’s coming from. It's pointless opting for a whole new look that makes it totally obvious you’ve had cosmetic work carried out. Instead, patients like to talk to us about solutions that look natural, but that adequately address any glaring imperfections they may have had.

This can occur, for example, if they are having dental crowns fitted. Often., our patients tell us that they don’t want to have two or three glistening teeth when those surrounding them have lost some of their lustre.

To address this, we often recommend whitening the full set of teeth, then making sure that the colour shade of the new crowns is an exact match. This leads to a lovely, natural appearance – with no particular teeth standing out from the rest in terms of their brilliance.

Also, we can pare and shape the new crowns so that fit in perfectly with the size and scale of the original teeth. This means that every tooth crown we fit looks like it's been three forever, and makes the wearer feel confident – not self-conscious.

As a rule, dental crowns are used by your dentist to address to key problems – discoluration and damage. The damage may be the result of an accident or of dental disease, while discolouration can be a result of aging, or can come about after a lifetime of drinking tea or red wine, both of which play havoc with the colour of your teeth. And don't even get us started about the mess that smoking cigarettes make!

In terms of addressing damage, crowns do a simply brilliant job. They restore the full structural integrity of the damaged tooth, and you can safely tuck into a steak or an apple, safe in the knowledge that your new crown is up to the job.

In terms of cosmetic work, crowns are equally successful, and even your best friends will find it hard to spot that you’ve had a crown fitted.

If we’ve convinced you that a crown could do the business for you, your thoughts may turn to the issue of price. We’ve some good news for you on that front. Fitting a crown is a very streamlined process these days, so the cost has come down accordingly.


And if you're in need of multiple crowns but don't want to pay for them all at once, that’s no problem. Instead, you can ask for our 0% Dental Finance Plan, which lets you spread the cost over three months, six months or nine months.

And if you want to read up on this subject a little more, here’s a great starting point - http://www.knowyourteeth.com/infobites/abc/article/?abc=C&iid=301&aid=1204