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Teeth crowns can cover a multitude of sins. Honest!

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It’s not as difficult or as expensive as you think to have a star-quality smile. Here's why. 

We’ve had a lot of interest in our recent blogs about the number of well-known entertainers and celebs who've had a significant amount of cosmetic dentistry carried out.

And our eagle-eyed reader in Dunboyne dropped us a line to add another name to the list - the singer Celine Dion. The French-Canadian chanteuse emerged as a young star when her manager and future husband mortgaged his home to help make her first record.

Real fame came knocking on her door in 1988 when she won the Eurovision Song Contents – in Dublin, as it happens.

Over her long career, Ms. Dion has sold over 50 million albums in Europe alone, and has global record sales of over 200 million copies. Not too shabby!

In her early years, while her voice was world-class, her teeth somewhat let the side down, so she had cosmetic dentistry carried out in the 1990’s to give her the gorgeous white smile that she sports today.

And although getting major work done in the past might have demanded megabucks, the treatment is well within the price range of the ordinary Joe Soap these days. Interventions such as teeth crowns, for example, have dropped very sharply in price due to a greater streamlining of the procedure.

And here at MyDental, of course, if you're having major work carried out, you don't have to pay for it all at once. Instead, you can opt to spread the cost over three months, six months or nine months, thanks to our 0% Dental Finance Plan. This means that you can spread the cost to suit your budget, making what once seemed impossible very much a real prospect.

Tooth crown prices have dropped so much in price, however, that if you're only having one or two fitted, you’ll probably find that the cost can easily be handled in a single payment.

And as you'd expect in this era of consumer choice, you're not confined to one form of crowns. Different forms of crowns vary in functionality and price range – anything from zirconium crowns to porcelain crowns. If you offer for the more common porcelain crowns, you can have one fitted for just €350.

We think you’ll agree that this is exceptional value for money when you consider that they will last you for yonks – and totally transform the quality of your smile.

And you should also know that the contemporary dental crown is made of a very strong substance that will allow you tackle even the most challenging of foods, from a fresh, juicy apple to a steak. So there’s no need to worry that your lifestyle will be curtailed in any way by your new dental crowns.

If you think that you might like to go down the Celine Dion route yourself, why not drop into us in the New Year and let us give you an expert opinion on what we can do for you – and how much it will cost.

And meanwhile, if you'd like to read up on this topic in greater details, here's a helpful starting point - http://www.knowyourteeth.com/infobites/abc/article/?abc=C&iid=301&aid=1204