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Porcelain crowns are as effective as they are affordable.

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We’re among the most competitively priced dentists in Ireland or the U.K. Here’s why. 

We've spoken many times about the great pleasure we get from meeting people every day. Some of them are old friends at this stage, while some of them are brand new customers who bring fresh new stories to us.

One such new patient arrived last week – a 50-something gentleman called Colin, who had relocated to Dublin for work from his native Manchester. Colin told us that he worked in I.T., and that he would be here for the next twelve months at a minimum.

One of the unexpected chores that he had to carry out on arriving in Dublin was to get to know local professionals such as a dentist, a G.P. etc. And so it was that he arrived on our doorstep and asked us to become his ‘Irish dentist’ for the course of his stay in this country.

Through an accident of timing, Colin’s dentist back in Manchester had rightly recommended that he was in need of a couple of porcelain crowns. A date had been set for the treatment, but with Colin’s sudden move to Dublin, it fell to MyDental to pick up the cudgels and carry out the procedure for him.

One of the first parts of our conversation with Colin was on the issue of cost. He had been given a figure for the treatment, and he was very pleasantly surprised when we quoted him a number that was significantly less. He had wrongly assumed that dental crown cost would be higher in Dublin, but the fact of the matter is that MyDental provide a costing model that is among the most affordable in Ireland or the U.K.


Colin was also pleasantly surprised by how quickly we were able to fit him in, and how responsive we were to his needs. His first appointment, in fact, was after hours, so he was able to drop into us after a fairly long day at the office.


And to prove just how agile we were, we actually carried out the treatment on a Saturday, so there was no need to take time off work. Important when your job is your life, as is the case with Colin.


We’re delighted to say that Colin is now one of our biggest advocates, and we’ve actually got phone calls from two of his colleagues who are also away from home and in need of a dentist.

It seems that when it comes to crown dental Dublin is on a bit of a roll at present among the I.T. crowd – and long may it last.

This is not to say, of course, that we have taken our eye off the ball and are neglecting our regular patients. Quite the opposite, in fact. We have a particularly high retention rate, and many of our patients have been coming to us since the very first day we opened our doors.

If you fancy joining them and want to research the topic a bit more before you ring us for an appointment, here's a handy article as a starting point for your homework - http://www.knowyourteeth.com/infobites/abc/article/?abc=C&iid=301&aid=1204