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How can dental crowns repair my smile?

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Affordable and long-lasting dental crowns improve the appearance and the strength of a damaged tooth. You’ll find all you need to know right here.

You may not know it – unless they’ve chosen to share it with you – but many of your friends and even family members may be the proud owners of dental crowns.

After all, it’s one of the most common forms of dental work that we carry our here at MyDental in Dublin. They’re extremely natural looking, and almost impossible to tell apart from your real teeth.

But first of all, what are they? Well, dental crowns are simply a form of treatment that your dentist will opt for when he needs to improve the appearance of a tooth, or when it is seriously damaged. It’s also a common part of the process when someone has to have a root canal treatment.

How do dental crowns work?

If a tooth has a very large cavity, and is incapable of holding the size of filling that would be needed to remedy it, your dentist may opt for a dental crown (or tooth crown, as it's often described).

The crown is a very strong, robust and dependable form of treatment, and you can totally depend on the crowned tooth for biting, chewing, and all the day-to-day chores which your teeth have to tackle.

The dental crown is also used in cases where a tooth or teeth are badly discoloured. The primary reason for this is probably a lifetime of smoking, or possibly heavy use of coffee on top of nicotine! So in case you needed another reason to give up smoking, you’ve just got it!

There’s something of a giveaway in the title, as a crown is fixed on top of your existing tooth, and your dentist uses a special form of dental cement to hold it in place. This forms a very durable bond, so there’s no need to worry that your crown will come loose and embarrass you in any way.

What are they made from?

Today, by far the most common form of crown you’ll come across is made from porcelain – although it's not the sole material used for making a crown.

If you know someone who had a crown fitted ten years ago or more, you may well see the telltale signs that this is not a real tooth. There can be a very recognizable metal line where the crown meets the gum.

Today, however, this is no longer the case and the modern crown is really very difficult to spot – unless you happen to be a dentist. There’s no metal in today’s porcelain crown, to that telltale line is very much a thing of the past.

The key benefits

There are a number of benefits to consider when you feel you may need a crown. Chief among these are:

• Dental crown are permanent solution to your problem.

• Highly durable and feels exactly like a real tooth.

• Very affordable, particularly if you avail of our 0% Dental Finance, which lets you spread the cost over a number of months.

• Restores both the strength and the appearance of a healthy tooth.

• A tooth crown voids the need to have a tooth extracted.

Don’t delay – talk to us today!

If you have a tooth which is badly discoloured or badly damaged, make an appointment today with MyDental and let us talk you through the process in greater depth.

And if you happen to have any difficulty with the terms we use in this or any of our other blogs, please visit this handy glossary of terms from the Irish Dental Association - http://www.dentist.ie/your-oral-health/glossary-of-dental-terms.5622.html