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Give your teeth a sporting chance with a mouth guard.

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If you're engaged in regular sporting activity, make sure you wear a mouth guard. Read on to find out more.

If you watched Ireland’s brilliant rugby victory against the Springboks over the weekend, you were probably too absorbed in the action to spot one of the more pertinent points about dental care that was in evidence on the pitch.

Pretty much every one of the protagonists was wearing a mouth guard – and with very good reason, as the chances of experiencing a serious knock in the mouth are quite high.

But you don't have to be playing sport at international level to put your teeth at risk. Even the lowliest amateur player across a broad range of sports could seriously profit from wearing a guard.

With tooth crown prices at their current levels, a guard is much cheaper than replacing dental work A typical dental crown cost would be much higher than the cost of a guard, so why not ask your dentist to fix you up with a guard.

But first of all, let’s take a look at what’s involved in a mouth guard. Quite simply, it's a soft plastic device that you wear to protect your teeth and gums from potential knocks and injury on the playing pitch.

These sporting mouth guards or gum shields, as they're also known, are not the same as the mouth guards which you can wear at night to prevent you from grinding your teeth.

As to whether the danger to your teeth is real or imagined, we can tell you categorically that it is real. We’ve treated hundreds of adults and children over the years who’ve got into all sorts of trouble as a result of a head-to-face collision, or perhaps a stray boot at the bottom of a scrum.

In the vast majority of cases, the damage would have been absolutely negligible if they had been wearing a guard.

And remember that, if you suffer serious damage to a tooth or teeth as a result of a sporting injury, the chances are that the treatment will be relatively lengthy – and probably quite expensive. Is it worth letting that situation develop with tooth crown prices such a potential drain on your finances? A single dental crown cost would be bad enough, but you could be easily looking at replacing several of your front teeth.

Your mouth guard will provide protection in a number of ways. First of all, they really come into their own if your teeth suffer a direct blow from a head, a fist, a hurley, a knee – or lots of other ‘culprits’.

They also stop your teeth smashing into each other if you get a blow on the chin or the top of the head, and also protect your lips from being bitten. And in extreme conditions, the guard can even prevent your jaw from being fractured.

So if you're a regular participant in sports, make sure you mention it to us next time you visit MyDental. It’s a fantastic investment in your teeth that will pay off many times over.