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Dental crowns can work wonders in restoring your brilliant, confident smile.

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Chances are that many of the people you bump into in your everyday life have at least one dental crown. And even more likely, you’re probably not aware of it – that’s how successful a procedure it is when it comes to restoring a natural look to your smile.

And there’s a very good reason why it’s such a popular intervention with dentists throughout the world. It’s a highly versatile way of either improving the cosmetic look of a tooth – or of providing a strong and durable solution that’s impossible to tell from the real thing.

But let’s start at the beginning and give you a full definition of what a crown entails. As the name suggests, it goes over your existing tooth – which is filed down beforehand so that the new crowned tooth is the same size and shape as the old one.

It’s used extensively in its own right, but it’s also used in cases where a root canal treatment was needed and a tooth was in need of rebuilding afterwards.

Tell me more about when they’re used.

Probably the most common use of a crown is you’re your tooth is threatened by a very large cavity, which would be unlikely to ‘hold’ because of its size. Even if your dentist decided to proceed with filling the tooth, chances are that you’re putting off the inevitable and you will eventually have to get a crown if you’re to enjoy a long-term solution.

Another very common use of crowns is when there is a high level of discolouring of a tooth. This is quite common with heavy smokers, for example. If your dentist believes that he simply can’t restore your tooth to a pristine, white condition, then a crown is a logical and effective solution.

How is a crown held in place?

We’ve mentioned earlier that the crown sits atop your existing tooth. But how can you be sure that it won’t come loose? Well, very simply, it’s kept in place using a special type of dental fixing cement. Once this has ‘set’, it’s a very secure way of keeping your crown in place and you can have absolute confidence in it.

It’s also important to point out that getting a crown is a very quick and pain-free process, and your MyDental dentist will have carried it out hundreds of times, so you can expect a very high-quality end result.

How are crowns made?

The modern crown is normally made of porcelain – although it’s not the only form of crown on the market.

If you see crowns that have been put in place over ten years ago, it can be fairly obvious to spot it, as there can be an unsightly metallic line where the crown joins the gum.

Thankfully, however, with modern materials and modern practices, this has become a thing of the past. The modern porcelain crown has no metal in it, so that unflattering look is no longer to be seen.

Nobody in your circle of friends will even know that you have a crown – unless you decide to tell them. Even then, they’ll be hard-pressed to believe it.

How much do crowns cost?

If you’re considering having a crown or crowns, you might be wondering how much they will cost you. First of all, when considering the cost, you have to factor in that they can last you a lifetime, so you’re effectively investing in something that will give you years and years of value.

And even better, with our 0% Dental Finance Plan, you have the option of spreading the cost of your treatment – without incurring any interest costs for the privilege.

The bottom line is that it’s a highly affordable treatment considering just how much of an improvement it will mean to your smile, your confidence and your general appearance.

Restoring your self-confidence.

It’s amazing how much of our feel-good factor comes from a warm, open smile. So it’s no surprise to us when we hear our patients say that they’ve lost social confidence as a result of a discoloured or unsightly tooth – particularly when the rest of their teeth are in excellent condition.

We treat patients of all ages and from all conceivable walks of life, and we have first-hand experience of just how much a difference a restored smile can mean to people.

You can see them grow in confidence as they’re laving the surgery with their new crown in place, and there even seems to be an extra swagger in their walk on lots of occasions.

There are also a whole host of functional benefits to a crown. If your tooth had a large cavity or a large filling, chances are you’re not too confident when it comes to eating a raw carrot or an apple, for example.

And it’s not vey pleasant having to browse the menu in a restaurant looking for something that you can eat with confidence.

A crown will give you all the confidence you’d have with a normal, healthy tooth, so you can get back to your apple a day as soon as you get your new crown.

This is due in part to the high quality porcelain of the crown – and partly to the quality of the dental cement that’s holding it in place.

Think crowns first – and give that damaged tooth a second chance

Here at MyDental, we’ve successfully applied crowns to teeth that were very badly damaged or discoloured – and the results were first class. So don’t automatically assume that you’re going to lose that tooth.

Talk to us today about a treatment plan – and ask us what it would cost to finance while you’re at it!