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Dental crowns are the perfect answer to restore that bright confident smile

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Dental crowns are a surprisingly affordable solution to achieving a stronger tooth. Read on right here to see how dental crowns can restore your confidence.

Dental crowns have been around for many years, and it’s easy to see why. They’re a very effective form of rescuing teeth that are at risk due to discolouration or damage.

You might be surprised as to how many members of your family or friends have already had this sort of treatment. Unless they choose to share it with you, it would be very difficult to tell the difference between the crown and the real thing.

This is why it’s such a popular form of treatment with your dentist – he can rest assured that the patient will be very happy with the end result. They also like this form of treatment as it’s very versatile – it can be used for a tooth that is no longer structurally sound, and can also be used to sort out a tooth that’s badly discolored, perhaps as a result of smoking.

Explaining dental crowns

As the name suggests, the crown is a type of new exterior that goes on top of the existing tooth. There’s no need to worry that this will result in a larger tooth than all the rest, as the base tooth will be filed down to allow the crown to fit over it without increasing the size of the end product.

Yu may often have a dental crown recommended by your dentist in its own right, but it’s also a common form of treatment as part of a root canal. A crown is preferred to a filling if the structural integrity of the tooth is in doubt.

How are dental crowns used?

When you r dentist is concerned that a tooth may not be able to accommodate a very large filling, the alternative is frequently a crown.

It’s also a regular form of treatment if there is a very significant level of discolorations. You’ll find that heavy smokers tend to have their fair share of crowns, as nicotine causes a lot of problems to the color of your teeth. This is yet another reason to give up the dreaded weed.

What keeps the crown in place?

It goes without saying that something that’s affixed to your original tooth will need some form of adhesive to keep it in place. Your dentist will use a form of dental fixing cement to this end. It gives a very strong and secure bond, and you need have no worries about the integrity of the new tooth.

Once this cement has set, it really is quite bulletproof, so you can resume your enjoyment of all your favorite foods in full confidence.

This process will have been carried out by your dentist many times before, so you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy a very successful outcome.

It’s not a particularly lengthy process, and you won’t have to spend too long in the dentist’s chair.

How are dental crowns made?

The most common form of crown you’re likely to come across is the porcelain crown, although it’s not the only one available on the market.

If you know someone who has an older crown – more than a decade old – you will probably be able to notice a metallic strip where it meets the gum. There’s no metal in the modern crown, however, so there’s a much more natural look to crowns in the modern era.

It’s genuinely very difficult today to spot a crown from a normal tooth – something which will give you a very confident smile.

And your smile can get even bigger if you decide to avail of our 0% Dental Finance plan, which lets you spread the cost over several months – without having to incur any extra interest charges.

So nest time you pay a visit to your MyDental dentist, why not discuss what a crown could do to your smile, and whether your particular needs would be met by a crown. And if so, have a word about the dental plan and avoid the need to pay our a single, large cheque.