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Veneers implants or crowns are really about your smile.

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MyDental aren’t just in the business of veneersimplantscrowns or other treatments – we’re all about giving you a winning smile for life. Read on for what we can do.

Ever stopped for a minute to consider just how important a smile is as you go through life? For centuries, a smile has been accepted as the universal way of demonstrating pleasure, peaceful intent, or happiness.

No matter where you travel in the world, you’ll find that this hold true. And even the youngest of babies will respond to a smile – we’re simply hard-wired to do so.

So next time you visit MyDental, don’t just think of us as a provider of veneers, implants, crowns – or the complete spectrum of dental services. Instead, think of us as being in the business of delivering great smiles.

And before you dismiss that as being less important than the dental procedure itself, have a look at a few of the ways that a great smile can change your life for the better.

It’s a great stress buster.

Time and again, research tells us that smiling ‘tricks’ the brain into believing that all is well. In doing so, it slows down your breathing, lowers your heart rate and reduces your stress level by several notches.

It can get you the job you want.

When heading in to that important job interview, you obviously make sure that the suit and shoes are looking the part. But the vast majority of the conversation that will go on at the interview is trumped by your body language – whether you exude confidence, competence and approachability.

And top of the list, when it comes to body language, is your smile – particularly when the smile includes the eyes and the mouth working in unison.

Look younger for longer.

The more frequently you smile, the more you tend to elevate those tiny muscles on your face, which create a more youthful look. Forget about so-called ‘laughter lines’ – they’re really giving you a younger look than your frowning peers.

It can even improve your health.

Yep – science assures us that as your body releases in response to smiling, it produces the feelgood hormones of the body – endorphins and serotonin. In other words, you can actually smile yourself healthier and happier – even if you’re faking the smile!

And here’s the kicker – you can even live longer.

There’s no shortage of research to support the claim that frequent smiling can even influence how long you live. So it goes without saying that you’ll want you rsmile to be in tip-top condition!

Lower the incidence of stroke

We came across a study in the U.S., involving over 6,000 participants, which claimed that people with a neutral expression have a higher risk of stroke.

With so many benefits attributed to a smile, it makes sense that you want your smile to be as bright and brilliant as possible – and not be spoiled by unsightly gaps or discolouration or differences in the size of your teeth.

That’s why our patients turn to us for a wide range of smile-enhancing treatments – anything from veneers to crowns, from implants to bridges, and just about any form of dental treatment that will give them a smile that they can be proud of.

And here’s one more thing to smile about.

Everyone is feeling the pinch these days, so isn’t it good to know that you can avail of our 0% Dental finance Plan if you like – spreading the cost of treatment over a number of months with absolutely no interest penalty.