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Wondering how much are veneers? Wonder no more.

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Why put up with a ropey smile when a simple veneer can absolutely work wonders in restoring it to its original brilliance.

An article we read in the paper recently estimated that around 50% of the population will make a resolution heading into the new year. It can be anything from cutting out sugar or alcohol or nicotine to losing weight, learning a new language, or any of hundreds of other ambitions.

Most of these resolutions will have been abandoned by the second week of 2016, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t raise your ambitions every so often.

We honestly believe that the new year is a great time to promise yourself that you’ll take better care of your teeth. Most people break their resolutions because they don't have a plan in place. There’s no point in saying you’ll get fit unless you buy a pair of running shoes or take out a gym membership, for example. And maybe look to recruit a training partner to keep you motivated.

A similar approach can be taken to your dental care resolutions. If you genuinely want to have better dental health, then pick up the phone today and make an appointment for a dental check-up (assuming you haven’t had one in the past six months). This will commit you emotionally, and there’s every chance that you’ll start brushing your teeth for longer (and more often) in preparation for your trip to the dentist.


Anything else I can do this year?

Absolutely. Why not resolve that you won’t accept a second-best smile? Veneers cost so little these days that you could easily have a discoloured tooth put right, restoring your smile to its brilliant best.

If you're wondering how much are veneers and are thinking of going down this road, we can promise you that you’ll be very pleasantly surprised at our charges for veneers. The cost has tumbled very significantly in recent years, thanks mainly to advances in dental technology and a more streamlined approach in surgeries such as MyDental.


Is it a major procedure?

Absolutely not – yet it makes a drastic difference to the quality of your smile. A veneer is simply an ultra-thin strip that your dentist will place over a tooth that has become damaged or discolured.

Discolouration can come as a result of advancing age, or can also be the result of drinking too much tea o rred wine – or being a smoker. So yet another reason to give up the fags this year!

As a general rule, your new veneer will either be made of dental porcelain or a composite material. The composite version can be built-up in the mouth - or made by a qualified dental technician and bonded to the tooth afterwards in the surgery. The porcelain veneer, however, can only be made in the laboratory.

If you're in the market for veneers Dublin is a great place to live, as you’ll find no shortage of great dentists to complete the procedure for you. And here at MyDental, you have the added benefit of being able to spread the cost over three, six or nine months thanks to our 0% Dental Finance Plan.

If you’d like to read a little more about this topic, there’s a great article in the excellent WebMD website - http://www.webmd.com/oral-health/guide/veneers#1