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Veneers are simple, cheap and effective. Fact!

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Discolouration and wear and tear can all be sorted – thanks to dental veneers. Here’s how.

Last weekend was a huge occasion in our humble home, including as it did the very special Trick or Treat Festival that is Halloween. Our own children took a full part in this, of course, as did most of our young neighbours. The sound of the door being knocked on all evening was the signal to witness yet another bunch of kids in highly creative and elaborate outfits.


Maybe it’s just our imagination, but this year seemed to mark a higher than average level of ‘ghoulishness’. The Elsas and Annas of previous years seemed to have been replaced by vampires and blood-lusting creatures of every shade and hue.


And what caught our attention, of course, were the fangs. So many of the kids had gone for an extra sense of authenticity by wearing long fangs that were intended to make the blood curdle.


We asked one of the young ‘vampires’ why he needed fangs and his answer was highly informative. He calmly explained to us – slowly and deliberately, as if talking to complete idiot – that the fangs were used as a sort of ‘straw’ that could suck up the blood of the poor unfortunate victim.


This came as big news to us, as we had always assumed that the fangs were just for breaking the skin, allowing the vampire to gain access to fresh blood. Not so, however, according to our young expert.


He was obviously in something of a hurry to continue his quest for ‘swag’, and we had to let this fascinating young man go off about his business without reaching agreement on the all-important fang issue.


We’ve been thinking about him over the past few days – and about the topic of vampires in general. We wonder, for example, what dentist takes care of their fangs, and if they are suitable for dental veneers when they become worn from over-use, or discoloured from drinking too much blood.

We made a mental note to advertise a special service for vampires. You know the sort of thing – “Fangtastic Value From MyDental”. The idea went down very well when we mentioned it in the surgery, and already we’re hoping to corner the market next year on all the would-be Draculas out there.

And while we understand that the original Dracula was from Transylvania, if any modern-day vampires are in the market for veneers Ireland is probably a better option for sourcing their treatment. Not only are we better trained that our Transylvanian counterparts, but we also offer a service whereby we provide treatment at night, the preferred waking time of your average vampire.

We also offer a very comprehensive range of options, from porcelain veneers to composite veneers, not to mention our range of Ultra Thin veneers, which add a sense of elegance to even the most ghoulish of mouths!

So whether you're an ordinary mortal or something from ‘the other realm’, why not pop into MyDental and let us outline your options for you. Unlike some of our odder patients, we promise that we don't bite!

Meanwhile, if you’d like to read up a bit more on this topic, here's an excellent starting point -  http://www.webmd.com/oral-health/guide/veneers#1