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Veneers cost so little these days, you'd be mad not to!

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You’ll be bowled over by the difference that dental veneers can make to your smile.

We may not have mentioned this in the past, but we’re a sucker for a gadget. And the zanier the better. We love to trawl through the Web looking for gizmos that claim to make our life easier in some form or other.

Our latest purchase in this vein is a hand-held portable toaster. And no – we’re not making this up. Google if for youself if you don't believe us.

So what’s the attraction, you may ask. Well, it's partly because we fervently believe that everybody’s life could be improved with a hand-held portable toaster. Just imagine – toast on the hoof, whenever and wherever you wanted it.

But on a more serious note, we love it when someone comes up with such a brilliantly simple idea. One of those moments of inspiration when people say “why has nobody come up with this before?”

In our own field of dentistry, there have been numerous such breakthroughs. 

And by way of example, you need look no further than dental veneers. For centuries, patients had been putting up with damaged or discoloured teeth Then a dental genius came up with the notion of fitting a very thin film of material on top of the original tooth, sorting both the aesthetic and functional problems in one fell swoop.

The result is totally transformative, and these days we take veneers totally for granted. But it required that single moment of genius to come up with this solution that is now a staple of dentists right around the world.

These days, it’s become such a common practice – and such a streamlined procedure – that veneers cost a fraction of what they once did. So there’s no excuse to put off getting a dodgy smile sorted for once and for all.

And remember that, if cost is an issue, you can opt to spread your payments over three months, six months or nine months – courtesy of our 0% Dental finance Plan.

You should also bear in mind, when considering the cost of veneers, that the treatment will last you for many, many years to come, so it represents great value for money.

Also, it restores the full range of functionality to the affected tooth, and you can confidently eat and drink anything that you would normally consume, safe in the knowledge that your veneer is up to the task.

The bottom line is that if you're currently wondering how much are veneers, there’s simply no need to. They’re well within the range of most people’s pockets.

And another piece of good news is that if you're considering veneers Dublin is a great place to start your search for treatment, as it offers some really talented dentists who can sort you in double-quick time, including our own friendly professionals here at MyDental.

So why not drop in for a chat as to how we can restore that damaged or discoloured tooth – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what’s possible, and for how little.

Meanwhile, if you want to read a bit more on this topic, may we recommend this helpful article to you -  http://www.webmd.com/oral-health/guide/veneers#1