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Dental veneers change the game forever.

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There’s no need to put up with a smile that’s damaged or discoloured. Help is very definitely at hand.

We’ve had a lot of feedback to our recent blogs on the topic of famous people who've had cosmetic work carried out. And another of these that had skipped our mind was mentioned to us by one of our three regular readers.

Cher Lloyd became something of a celebrity through her appearances on The X Factor, where her stunning voice won her hundreds of thousands of fans and no little commercial success.

But the more the spotlight fell on her, the more she was dissatisfied with the quality of her smile, so she decided that she was going to get a little professional help from her dentist. After going public in a well-known celebrity magazine that she hated her teeth and believed that they made her look like a rabbit.

She certainly doesn’t look like a rabbit today, and in our professional opinion, her dental work looks great. It's just another example of how people have empowered themselves by getting the look they want rather than the look they were born with.


At one time (no so long ago), this course of action was only open to the very wealthy. Today, however, treatments like dental veneers have come down in price to such a degree that they are genuinely open to all.

And believe us when we tell you that the net impact of a veneer can be totally transformative. It works equally well in treating a damaged tooth or a discoloured tooth, and we carry out hundreds of both types of treatment each year.

In the case of treating discolouration, this can be due to a number of factors, including excessive drinking of tea or red wine, both of which play havoc with the colour of your teeth. Also, with the passing of the years, your teeth naturally lose some of their initial lustre, so many people in their fifties and sixties choose to regain a more vibrant sparkle in the shape of veneers.

Another reason for discolouration, of course, is tobacco smoking. This is yet another reason to decide that 2017 will be the reason you eventually kick the demon weed.

For other patients, the reason for treatment will be an accident that damages the tooth – perhaps on the football pitch or perhaps a simple collision between your face and a harder object!

If you think that veneers could improve your smile, you;’ be genuinely very pleasantly surprised at how affordable they are these days. And remember that you can spread the cost of more major treatment across three months, six months or nine months, thanks to our 0% Dental Finance Plan.

This means that there’s simply no need to put up with a smile that’s less than perfect. You can choose from a number of different forms of treatment, including composite veneers. And in all cases, the veneers can be matched perfectly to your existing teeth, so there’ no sense that your veneers will ‘show up’ your normal teeth.

More good news is the fact that if you’re looking for veneers Ireland is one of the most advanced treatment centres in the entire world, so you're guaranteed a brilliant job.

If you'd like to read a little more on this subject, may we recommend the following for you -  http://www.webmd.com/oral-health/guide/veneers#1