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How can veneers restore my brilliant smile?

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Affordable and effective veneers from MyDental are an excellent solution when it comes to repairing damaged or discoloured teeth. Find out more right here.

Some dental procedures are relatively difficult to explain to non-dentists, but a veneer is definitely one of them. It’s a fairly self-explanatory process that’s used to repair teeth that are either badly discoloured or badly damaged.

In very simple terms, a veneer is a very thin layer that your dentist applies to the affected tooth. But while it's a very thin layer, it’s also a very strong and durable treatment, so your newly veneered tooth will perform just as well as your normal teeth when it comes to anything from biting an apple or dazzling people with your smile!

It’s very definitely a case of ‘nobody will know you’ve had work done unless you choose to tell them”.

No need to give up on your smile

As mentioned, your new veneer will restore a full range of functionality to your tooth, but it can also be a useful part of your dentist’s toolkit when it comes to repairing cosmetic damage.

Sometimes, this cosmetic damage is just a normal part of the aging process, or sometimes it’s a result of smoking – yet another reason to give up the dreaded weed! The effects are really dramatic, although it's a fairly simple procedure and your dentist will have carried it out many times before.

The first decision to be made is what type of veneer to apply. There are two choices - either a veneer that is made from a form of porcelain, or a second type of veneer which your dentist will refer to as a composite.

Neither is better than the other – it's just a matter of one being more appropriate for one application and vice versa – your dentist will make this decision for you so there’s no need to worry about the choice of veneer.

How do veneers work?

Let’s suppose that your dentist has opted for a composite veneer. He can opt to build the veneer in your mouth, or he might decide to have it fabricated in a dental laboratory by a professional technician, and then apply it in the surgery.

If he chooses the porcelain route, however, it has to be made in the lab by the technician. The only real difference between the two routes is that you’ll spend less time in the dentist’s chair with the porcelain option.

Which is more popular in Ireland?

The more common type of veneer that you're likely to come across in Ireland is the porcelain format. It works very well whether it's used to repair damage to the tooth or simple discoloration. A veneer is normally an excellent choice if you have a pretty good smile – but it’s being let down a little by one or two ‘rogue teeth’.

What’s the cost involved?

If you’re wondering how much are veneers, the answer is “less than you might think” – particularly when you think of how great an impact they make on your smile. And remember that you may opt to spread the cost over a number of months with our 0% Dental Finance Plan.

Veneers cost from as little as €300 at MyDental Dublin for a composite veneer that’s fitted on your first visit, so it really is surprisingly affordable to restore your beaming smile.

Our code of ethics

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