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Restoring that veneer of confidence to your smile.

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Veneers from MyDental are more affordable than you think and highly effective at repairing damaged or discoloured teeth. Read on for the full story.

We sometimes mistakenly believe that a veneer is simply an ‘expendable’ part of your teeth, but this couldn’t be further from the truth as the veneer is essential to your teeth’s structural strength and integrity.

When you read about people having a veneer applied by their dentist, the chances are that they are either suffering from a discoloured tooth (possibly as a result of smoking or age) or a damaged tooth.

The remedy, in either case, is a super-thin material that your MyDental dentist applies to the tooth or teeth in question. But while it may be very slim, it’s also particularly durable, so you need have no fears about the dependability and the stringy of that freshly veneered tooth.

The fact of the matter is that, once your dentist has finished the treatment, you can eat, chew or talk precisely as you would before your ran into trouble with the tooth. It’s also invisible to the naked eye, so nobody will know that you have had work done on your teeth – unless you ‘fess up to them.

Your perfect smile will be fully restored

Dental veneers have two main functions in your dentist’s toolkit. First and foremost, they restore the full range of functionality to a damaged tooth, but they are also a very common intervention when the tooth is actually functional, but there are cosmetic or aesthetic reasons involved.

Your tooth may have become dull or discoloured as you get older, while heavy smokers are well used to a deeply off-white appearance to their teeth. But whatever has caused the problem, a veneer is a highly effective treatment that is:

  • Minimally invasive
  • Highly affordable
  • Very natural in appearance
  • Strong and dependable
  • Totally transformative

If your dentist has decided that a veneer is the most appropriate treatment, the first decision that has to be made is whether to go for a porcelain or a composite veneer. After an initial assessment, he will advise you on which is best for you. Neither are superior to the other – it's just a matter of which particularly suits your condition.

A very simple procedure

If your dentist has recommended a composite veneer, he can either build up the veneer in your mouth or have it manufactured in a laboratory by a skilled dental technician. If, however, he opts for a porcelain veneer, it can only be made in the lab.

If you'd rather spend less time in the surgery, you're probably more likely to opt for the composite veneer, manufactured in a lab – although this will obviously be subject to your dentist confirming that it will be an appropriate choice for your individual needs.

Totally transforms your smile

As a general rule, the veneer that you’re most likely to come across in the Irish market is the porcelain veneer. This is a particularly good choice when addressing very badly discoloured teeth – perhaps after decades of smoking.

It can also be used, of course, when there is an odd-shaped tooth that’s not in keeping you're your other teeth. Or if there is a tombstone effect with a larger gap than normal between your teeth, a veneer can quickly and easily solve the problem.

Highly affordable

If you're in the market for veneers Dublin is very well served by some excellent dental practices – including MyDental, of course. And with our 0% Interest Dental Plan, the process is even more affordable than you think.

The global drive towards better dental health is being driven by treatments such as veneers, and you might be interested in the vision of the World Dental Federation, which is promoting the concept of a ‘Smile for Life’ as a centrepiece of its World Oral Health Day in 2015. You can read more about it right here http://www.fdiworldental.org/media/presidents-message/an-upbeat-message-for-an-upbeat-campaign.aspx