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Veneers can put the sparkle back into your smile – and restore your confidence in a flash.

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A veneer may not be one of the treatments that come to mind immediately when you think about restoring your smile – but it’s a treatment tool that your dentist is very likely to call on in a number of specific circumstances.

We tend to think of a veneer – in real life – as a substance that covers something else, and improves it in the process. So if you paint a veneer onto that lackluster kitchen table, it suddenly comes to life again.

It’s something similar with a veneer in the world of dentistry. A veneer is a very thin material that your dentist applies to one of your existing teeth. In doing so, your dentist is helping to protect the damaged tooth and to restore it to full functionality.

Restoring the gloss to your smile

A veneer is not always used for functional purposes – such as making sure that you can crunch into an apple with confidence once again.

Your dentist may also opt to use a veneer for cosmetic purposes. In cases where a tooth has become permanently discoloured or just plain dull, you can restore its full sheen with a veneer.

It’s a surprising simple procedure, when you consider what a major difference it can make to you smile. And you can be confident that your MyDental dentist has carried out the procured hundreds of times before.

The first stage in the process is that your dentist will fully assess the condition of the damaged tooth. Then, depending on the specific requirements of the treatment, he may opt for a veneer which is made of a form of porcelain, or a second type which is called a ‘composite’.

Both of them will work vey well, and the choice of which to proceed with will be made by your dentist, who will explain why he’s opting for this choice.


How is a veneer applied?

Assuming that your dentist has opted for a composite veneer, there’s a choice of two ways in which it can be applied.

The first of these is that your dentist can actually build it in your mouth in the dentist’s chair, but he also has the option of having it manufactured offsite in a dental laboratory. A qualified technician will prepare it – ready for insertion by your dentist.

In the case of a porcelain veneer, there’s no choice to be made – it can only be manufactured in the laboratory by a qualified dental technician.

If there is any small benefit to either route, the second option means that you should spend slightly less time in the dentist’s chair.

Restoring the sparkle to discoloured teeth.

Of the two options mentioned above, by far the most typical choice is the porcelain form of veneer. A big plus factor is that they’re an excellent solution for addressing very badly discoloured teeth.

This is a particularly good choice if you’ve only one or two discoloured teeth – but the rest of your smile is in good shape.

Your dentist is also likely to recommend a veneer if you have very small or irregular teeth – ones which seem out of keeping with the rest of your smile.

Also, some patients may have a larger than normal gap between teeth, giving a ‘tombstone’ effect. A veneer is an excellent remedy to this problem.

Dare to smile again!

A smile really comes into its own in social or business situations. Being shy or embarrassed to flash a dazzling smile can eventually start to corrode your confidence, so the sooner you start talking to your dentist about veneer treatment, the better.

It really is amazing to see the effects that a restored smile can make to our patients. They walk out of the surgery with head held high and a swagger returned to their walk. They simply can’t wait to share their great new smile with friends, family and business clients or colleagues.

No need for a lump sum payment.

If money is tight at the moment, it’s not a problem. You can decide to spread the cost with our 0% Dental Finance plan – without being penalised by extra interest payments.

When you consider how many years you’ll have your new veneer for, you can see what a great investment in yourself a veneer can be.

It’s time to talk veneers.

If you’ve been putting off a conversation with your dentist about veneer treatment, why not do something positive about it today?

Talk to your MyDental dentist about a treatment plan – and a low-cost repayment plan to match!