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Veneers are the perfect solution for that smile you’ve always wanted

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Veneers are a very affordable treatment from MyDental that are particularly effective for repairing damaged teeth.

Veneers are a particularly important part of your dentist’s toolbox, as it helps to give a completely new lease of life to teeth that are starting to show their age – or are losing a bit of structural strength.

Rather than wave goodbye to the tooth – or accept something that’s not quite perfect – a veneer can help you restore the look of the tooth to better than ever.

But first of all, what is a dental veneer. A veneer is a super-slim material that your dentist applies to the damaged tooth. But despite the fact that it’s very slim, it’s also very strong, so you needn’t have any worries about it letting you down.

With your new veneer in place, you can bite into that apple, chew on that steak or do pretty much whatever you want to do with your newly veneered tooth.

Don’t give up on that beautiful smile

The veneer is a treatment that’s used for both cosmetic and structural purposes. With the passing of time, your tooth can start to look a tad dull. And even worse, if you’re a smoker, the damage can be even more noticeable.

The cosmetic use of a veneer in this instance is very, very effective, and can really restore the sort of smile that you had in the first place.

And despite the fact that it makes such a huge difference, the veneer is quite a simple process to carry out, and involves minimal levels of intrusiveness.

Before your dentist will recommend a veneer, he will first assess the tooth, and once he’s decided to proceed with the veneer, he has a choice of veneers.

One of them is made from porcelain, while the other is known as a composite. Neither is better than the other – it’s simply a matter of what your dentist thinks will achieve the best result.

What sort of a procedure is involved?

Let’s take the composite option first of all. Your dentist might decide to build it in your mouth, or alternatively, he might decide to have it manufactured in a dental laboratory by a qualified technician, which means that you will spend less time in the dentist’s chair.

If your dentist wants to use a porcelain veneer, however, there’s no choice to be made – it can only be made in the lab by a technician.

Other than the time in the chair, there’s no real advantage of one over the other.

The power of a veneer to restore a smile.

In the Irish market, the porcelain form is more normal. Thee are a great option when it comes to restoring teeth that have lost their original colour.

It’s a route that’s often considered by your dentist when your overall smile is in good order, but one tooth is letting down the side.

A veneer is also commonly used by your dentist when you have a tooth that is oddly shaped, or perhaps smaller than the teeth surrounding it. The end result is that you’ll have a new-look tooth that looks exactly like all the others.

Sometimes, too, your dentist may opt for a veneer if you have a bigger than normal gap between two of your teeth. The veneer is an effective way of filling in the gap, getting rid of that dreaded tombstone look.

If you’re considering having a veneer – or if your dentist has recommended this route to you – you should be aware that you can spread the cost over a number of months with our 0% Dental Finance Plan.

Not only do you not have to write a single cheque, but there’s no interest penalty for the privilege. Talk to us next time you’re in the surgery, and we’ll happily spell out just how affordable a veneer can be – and how effective it can be in restoring your smile.

Why put it off any longer when the solution is so simple and so affordable?