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Root canal is two words – not a sentence!

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If you’ve heard scare stories about having a root canal, we can assure you that the truth is far less dramatic. Here’s the true story behind the myth.


It’s happened again – and we simply can’t ignore it! We were watching our favourite crime drama recently (True Detective, in case you’re wondering!) and someone mentioned a root canal.

It was referenced in the context of something to be afraid of – and it really got our blood boiling. Why? Well simply because there’s nothing to fear if you have to undergo this very popular and very successful form of dental treatment.

And this blog is being written by someone who’s undergone the treatment within the last six months, so we know what we’re talking about!

First of all, why would I need a root canal?

A root canal is something of a last resort for your dentist, and is used to prevent extraction of a tooth that’s severely damaged. The process is usually carried out over two visits to your dentist, each taking around an hour. This means that you’re not forced to endure a marathon session in the chair at one sitting.

The first positive point about a root canal is that it's a true saviour. Rather than lose a tooth that’s salvageable, a root canal lets your dentist remove any infected tissue and rebuild the tooth to its former glory – sometimes via a filling, and sometimes via a crown (in cases where the tooth might not accommodate a large enough filling to protect the integrity of the tooth).

The second big point is that having a root canal is no more painful or uncomfortable than a filling or any other dental process. You are completely anaesthetised, so you're aware of very little of the work that your dentist is carrying out. Here at MyDental, however, we make a point of talking you through what we’re doing on a step-by-step basis. After all, they’re your teeth.

Is this a permanent solution?

Very much so. And if you don't go ahead with the root canal, one of two things is certain to happen. First of all, you’ll eventually lose the tooth. But secondly, you can also look forward to a lot of pain as the condition deteriorates. It makes sense, therefore, to get yourself sorted as soon as your dentist mentions a root canal – otherwise, you're just storing up a whole world of pain.

Are root canals expensive?

As we mentioned earlier, a root canal involves two visits to your dentist, each taking around an hour. You might be tempted, therefore, to assume that this is a very expensive form of treatment.

Thankfully, this is not the case and a root canal cost has dropped very significantly at MyDental – simply because the process has now become so streamlined. We carry out several root canals each day here in our surgery.

A root canal treatment in Dublin is also extra-affordable if you opt to take advantage of our 0% Dental Finance Plan. It lets you spread the cost over three months, six months or nine months – without incurring a single cent of interest for the privilege.

If you'd like to find out exactly what you will pay for a root canal, you’ll find our price list here -  http://www.mydental.ie/pricelist/#v_tab5

Alternatively, our prices are very clearly displayed in our offices, in accordance with the Irish Dental Council’s code of conduct for displaying fees - http://www.dentalcouncil.ie/displayoffees.php