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Concerned about root canal treatment? Stop worrying.

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Few areas of dental treatment are as misunderstood as root canal procedures. Here’s the truth for you.

We read a very interesting article recently on the subject of fear. Some fears, of course, are entirely natural. If we’ve ever been burned, for example, then fear of fire is quite simply a form of self-preservation.

Other forms of fear, however, seem to be almost hardwired into our mental makeup, and defy rational explanation. Fear of the dark is one such irrational fear that seems to affect a huge percentage of the population. In darkness, we imagine all sorts of bogeymen and dangers that simply don't exist.

So when it comes to a root canal procedure, we're interested in exploring whether it's one of those irrational fears that affect some of us, or if it's a ‘learned fear’, i.e. the result of an actual experience.

It’s hard to accept that it's a ‘learned fear’ – for two reasons. First of all, relatively few of us ever have to undergo a root canal, so it's not as if everybody has had a negative experience in this area.

And it seems beyond belief that it's an innate fear. Surely we couldn’t have been born with a fear of root canals in place?

We think that the answer is somewhere in between – and that it relates to oft-repeated propaganda which lazily claims a root canal to be some form of dental torture.


So what’s the truth, then?

A root canal treatment might possibly get some of its black reputation because of the fact that it’s a longer procedure than your average visit to the dentist. Typically, it takes place over two visits – each of around an hour.

But bear in mind that the treatment is carried out under a full anaesthetic, so to claim that you're experiencing any sort of pain is quite simply a nonsense.

The root canal is normally recommended for you when you have a tooth that has become badly inflamed or infected – or you’ll sometimes find it used to address a tooth that’s been damaged in an accident. Another reason for this treatment is when the outer enamel of your tooth becomes excessively worn.


What are the signs that I might need one?

There are a few warning signs to watch out for, but remember that they may not all appear at once. They include.

-       A sharp pain.

-       A newfound intolerance to heat or cold drinks or foods.

-       A swelling in the area around the gums.

-       Gum tenderness.

-       A relatively sudden tooth discolouration.


Is it very expensive?

We mentioned that it involves two visits to the dentist, but despite this, if you're worried about root canal cost Ireland is an affordable place to have the treatment, and with an excellent level of service and after-care for added peace of mind.


Like to find out a bit more?

There are lots of great articles on the Internet that can fill in some of the gaps for you, but here’s one that is particularly helpful from the American Association of Endodontists - http://www.aae.org/patients/treatments-and-procedures/root-canals/root-canals.aspx