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We need to talk about root canal cost.

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Don’t listen to those negative stories about root canals – they’re a wonderful and painless way to save a tooth. Here’s how.

We were talking about pain in the pub recently and an argument (exchange of opinions?) broke out as to what was the worst type of pain.

Some said an ear ache, some said a broken bone, some said the pain of an infant getting his first teeth, some said childbirth – and some said having a root canal treatment.

Our ears pricked up immediately, because as regular readers of our blog will know, this is a particular bête noir here at MyDental.

We have no idea where this myth grew up, but we’ve heard it repeated countless times that a root canal represents the epitome of a painful experience.


So what's the truth?

We’re very well qualified to talk about the topic of root canals, as we’ve undergone the experience ourselves in the last couple of years.

And trust us when we tell you that there’s absolutely nothing to fear. As with any other dental procedure of any significance, you will be given ample anaesthetic to make sure that you feel any pain. And if you happen to be a nervous patient, that’s no problem – are dentists are kind, gentle and patient, and will let you know what’s happening at every stage of the procedure.


Why are they used in the first place?

Quite simply, a root canal is brilliantly effective at salvaging a tooth that would otherwise be heading down the extraction route.

We accept that the treatment takes somewhat longer than usual, but that very definitely doesn't equate to pain.

As a broad rule of thumb, you will have to visit your dentist twice – for around an hour each time. But surely that’s a small price to pay if you save the tooth?

And speaking of price, the typical root canal cost certainly won't break the bank. The process is highly streamlined here at MyDental, and on top of that, we even offer a 0% Dental Finance Plan. This means that you can opt to spread the cost over three months, six months or nine months, without costing you a penny extra in interest costs.


Is there any pain at all?

From our personal experience, we can say an absolute no during the process itself. Afterwards, when the anaesthetic wore off, there was some discomfort around the area for a day or two. This is quite normal when you consider the amount of work that the dentist has done.

To counteract this, we simply used a few over-the-counter painkillers and the problem disappeared. It was that simple!


What about cost?

Not too long ago, a root canal cost would have involved a fairly significant financial outlay. These days. However, the process has become much more streamlines, which means that we can afford to charge you significantly less.

The bottom line is that root canal treatment cost should not be a deal breaker any more. And remember that, when assessing the cost, you will hopefully have the use of your salvaged tooth for the rest of your life, so bear that in mind when doing your sums in terms of root canal treatment cost.


Is this sort of treatment available abroad?

Some people take the so-called dental tourism route, but this can work out to be very expensive when you factor in the cost of flights, hotels, meals etc. So when it comes to root canal treatment Dublin is by far your best bet.

Find out a little more about this important form of treatment, courtesy of the American Association of Endodontists - http://www.aae.org/patients/treatments-and-procedures/root-canals/root-canals.aspx