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Who fears to speak of root canals?

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Root canals are the last chance saloon for a damaged tooth – so let’s give them the credit they deserve.

Chatting with an old pal over a cup of coffee last week, the conversation come around to how perceptions of the dental surgery have changed so drastically over recent years.

If you go back a half century, it was probably regarded as some form of House of Pain. These days, however, our patients view a visit to MyDental as being closer to a visit to the gym or to the hairdresser or barber. In other words, they see it as something which makes them look and feel better.

As for pain, we honestly can’t remember when one of our patients complained about suffering from unnecessary discomfort. Advances in anaesthetics not only mean that you feel little or nothing, but the dullness wears off quite quickly, so you could easily attend a business meeting an hour or so after being numbed.

The only area of our profession where there’s still a lingering perception of pain relates to a root canal procedure. For some unknown reason, people still assume that this is some form of punishment reserved for people who’ve been very bad in a former life!

This is absolute nonsense. We’ve undergone the procedure ourselves not so long ago and can assure you that it’s anything but painful.

So where did the erroneous myth stem from? Well, possibly because it's a rather lengthy procedure. As a general rule, you’ll have to pay two visits to your dentist – each of them taking about an hour. But time does not equate to pain, so don't be put off by the length of time you’ll spend in the chair.

And in talking about root canals, don’t forget why your dentist recommended one in the first place. The root canal is a ‘last chance’ treatment that’s used to save a tooth that’s otherwise heading for extraction. So surely it’s worth spending an hour or two if the end result is that you save a tooth?

And apart from not being painful in physical terms, it's also a treatment that’s not very painful on your pocket. In fact, when it comes to root canal cost Ireland is a great place to seek treatment. It's home to some great dentists, and the standard of after-care is also very high. You only have to look at what our patients say about MyDental to appreciate this point.

And lest you might be considering going overseas for treatment, let us assure you that in terms of root canal treatment cost Ireland is just as affordable as anywhere else around the world, particularly when you factor in the cost of travel, the cost of accommodation and the cost of subsistence abroad.


The bottom line, therefore, is that you shouldn’t fear a root canal – but if you have to have one, then you're much better off staying at home for your treatment.

If you'd like to read more about root canals, here’s a nice piece from the American Association of Endodontists - http://www.aae.org/patients/treatments-and-procedures/root-canals/root-canals.aspx