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Root canals should be venerated, not feared.

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The root canal can be the difference between losing a tooth and keeping a tooth. Here’s how.

A few days ago, we were having a cup of coffee in the surgery with a couple of our colleagues and one of them happened to mentioned that she was going to a christening next week.

It turned out that her cousin had given birth to a beautiful baby daughter. But the bit that made our ears prick up was that the child was going to be called Summer.

We thought that this was absolutely fantastic. How could someone growing up as Summer be anything other than a gift to the world? This notion is known as ‘nominative determinism’ – the suggestion that people somehow tend to live up to their names.

And in a very roundabout way, this leads us on to the topic of today’s blog, which is the much-maligned root canal procedure. We believe – and have done so for a very long time – that the problem with a root canal is the very name given to it.

We somehow assume that our dentist will actually be digging some form of ‘trench’ that’s big enough to accommodate a canal. Maybe this is the reason that those erroneous myths and legends have grown up around the root canal.

We all know someone who knows someone who had a ‘dreadful time’ when getting a root canal. But quite frankly, this is complete and utter balderdash.

And here’s a bit of news for you that you may not have heard before. The root canal is actually the term used to describe the centre of the tooth – which is where the nerves and circulatory system are located. So each and every one of us has root canals – and lots of them!

But as to why we would need a root canal treatment, the most common reason is an infection or abscess at the bottom of the tooth. Once this happens, the only hope of saving the tooth is usually a root canal procedure.

The pain associates with the abscess or infection will usually be many times worse than the actual treatment, so please put your mind at ease if you think you may be heading for this form of dental intervention.

And if you think we’re telling you less than the whole truth, we’ve had a root canal treatment ourselves, so we absolutely know what we’re talking about. It involved two separate visits to the dentist – each of around an hour.

And because we were fully anaesthetised, the only ‘discomfort’ was the fact that we had to take an hour out of our busy day – but this is a relatively small price to pay for saving a tooth, don't you think?

Another incorrect myth is that this treatment is very expensive. The truth is that if you're worried about root canal treatment cost Ireland happens to be a very reasonably-priced location for your dental care.

This means that when considering the relative value of root canal cost Ireland represents very good value for money, as you don't have to face expensive travel bills for getting treatment overseas.

If we’ve piqued your interest in root canals and you’d like to find our more, may we recommend this article from the American Association of Endodontists - http://www.aae.org/patients/treatments-and-procedures/root-canals/root-canals.aspx