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What’s the best interdental brush to use?

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Interdental brushes are a brilliant way of keeping plaque at bay – but finding one that suits you perfectly is a matter of trial and error.

Let’s suppose that you’ve already invested financially in your smile, maybe with invisible braces, or perhaps an occasional root canal treatment.

It goes without saying that you’re now well motivated to protecting your investment, and one of the cheapest and most effective ways of doing so is by regular use of your interdental brush.

It should be every bit as regular, in fact, as your normal toothbrush. Plaque never takes a holiday, so you need to be vigilant all year round.

But with such a baffling array of interdental rushes on the market, you may find yourself somewhat at a loss as to which type to opt for.


The choice of brand that you go for in your supermarket or pharmacy is not that important, but it’s vitally important that you get the right size head – one that will snugly fit into the gaps between your teeth.


No two individuals are the same, and you won’t know which size fits perfectly until you have tried a few.


You should also take a close look at the shaft of the interdental brush. Some of these are longer than others, and have more bristles. Others still may be tin, or flat, or perhaps extra wide. It’s really a matter of personal preference as to which you opt for – once the fit is right.


If you’re not certain that your final choice is doing the job correctly, you could bring them in to your dentist or hygienist next time, and they’ll be glad to let you know if you’ve made the right choice. They can also let you know how to use them correctly – just in case!

Once you’ve found an interdental brush that’s doing the job for you, there’s no point in changing at any time in the future. Stick to what’s working, unless you find that there’s a wider gap between your teeth after a number of years.


Sometimes, you may find that you have a gap of a certain size between your front teeth, but may have a different size gap between your back teeth. There’s no need to use two different sizes of brush – just settle for something in between that’s doing a reasonably good job. There’s no point in making life overly complicated!


The key thing with interdental brushes if that you use them every day as part of your daily oral hygiene routine. After all, what’s the point of spending your hard-earned money on invisible braces, or root canal treatment, for example, if you’re not going to keep up the fight against plaque after you’ve left the MyDental surgery?