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Clear braces the answer to crooked or overcrowded teeth.

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The days of having to wear braces for over two years are thankfully a thing of the past. And here’s why.

Here at MyDental, we’re big fans of the human body. Without doubt, it is the single most amazing ‘machine’ to be found on the planet, with an infinite ability to adapt and heal itself in the face of countless daily illnesses and ailments.


But sometimes, we have to feel that there are a few ‘design flaws’ in the human body. Take the case of teeth, for example. We know many people who have beautifully white and beautifully healthy teeth, but for whatever reason, they are either crooked or overcrowded. It seems harsh on the patient involved – to be dealt a winning hand and a losing hand at the same time!


Thankfully, men and women of science and medicine have been around for centuries to lend a hand when the body runs into trouble. And in the case of overcrowded or crooked teeth, that element of ‘assistance’ comes in the form of a revolutionary new form of clear braces which resolve some of those occasional design glitches of Nature.


The system of clear braces that we use here at MyDental is called Quickbraces, and it really is light years ahead of the traditional form of braces. In the past, those heavy and unsightly ‘train tracks’ would often have to be worn for two years or more, often with quite a level of discomfort, and invariably with a degree of social embarrassment as they got in the way of talking clearly or smiling brilliantly.


What’s so special about Quickbraces?


There’s a whole host of benefits with our Quickbraces system and we could genuinely talk all night about this amazing new system. But on the basis that you might not have all night to listen to us, here are the ‘biggiess’.


• First of all, we’re delighted to tell our braces patients that they’ll only have to wear them for about six months, on average. There are differences from person to person so it’s impossible to be totally specific, but at your first consultation, we’ll review your particular case and give you a firm indication at that stage as to how quickly you can take them off.


• The second big difference is how discreet they are. First of all, they're clear, but there’s also the fact that the brackets are much smaller than their traditional rivals. This means that they’re harder to spot, which tends to engender much higher levels of social confidence. This is particularly important for younger wearers, who can often be a tad self-conscious at that time in their lives.


• The third big plus in in the area of comfort. Quickbraces apply a lot less pressure to the teeth and gums, so there’s much less discomfort and none of that awful feeling that your teeth are constantly being bullied into submission.


But what about the cost?


You're probably assuming that any new technology that’s this good must cost an absolute fortune. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is that you spend less time in the surgery with the Quickbraces system, so it goes without saying that we need to charge you less.


The bottom line is that this amazing new clear braces solution is more affordable than ever. And if there are any issues with writing a single cheque for the treatment, you can always opt to spread the cost over three, six or nine months with our 0% Dental Finance Plan.


And because clear braces cost significantly less than you might have thought, there’s really no reason to put off treatment any longer.  


You can check out the prices of our Quickbraces system right here INSERT LINK TO PRICE LIST while you’ll also see our prices clearly displayed in and around the surgery, as per the Code of Practice of the Dental Council- further details are available here – http://www.dentalcouncil.ie/choosingyourdentist.php