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Crooked teeth? Don’t worry – clear braces can handle it!

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In just six months, our Quickbraces system can totally transform your smile. Here’s how.

Here at MyDental, we tend to be slightly nerdy when it comes to anything about teeth – or the human smile. So it's no surprise that a recent article in Women’s Health Magazine caught our eye.


It had a fascinating take on the human smile and among other points it made are the fact that “people think they already know someone if that person smiles at them, even if it's an absolute stranger.”


The article delves into the reason for this. Apparently, say scientists, the need to bond with others – through a smile – is rooted in our ancient past and was an early survival technique. Survival was much easier when humans combined their forces against their natural predators, and the smile became a way of demonstrating friendliness and a readiness to work together.


Today, we have less of a need to club together to fight off sabre-tooth tigers, but the smile is still one of the most important pieces of body language at our disposal. And that’s why it's such a shame when people stop flashing their bright smile out of self-consciousness – often as a result of crooked or overcrowded teeth.


This is doubly distressing when there’s such an easy solution at hand. Clear braces have been around for a long time, and have been a successful method of treating overcrowding or crookedness. But with the latest generation of clear braces, the treatment has been ramped up to a completely new level.


Why are Quickbraces so much better than ordinary braces?


First and foremost, there’s the time advantage. Traditional braces needed to be worn for two years – and sometimes even more. That’s a hell of a long time – particularly if you're in your teenage years and somewhat lacking in self-confidence.


Quickbraces take around six months – a massive saving of 18 month or more versus the traditional method. The precise length of time you’ll have to wear them for will be assessed when you come to us for your initial consultation. It will depend on your individual gum, teeth and bone structure.


A second big advantage of Quickbraces is comfort. The brackets are smaller, and the system exerts less force on your teeth and gums. This means that you don't have that sensation of your teeth being constantly forced into going somewhere they’re not comfortable with.


Quickbraces are also very discreet compared to those old-fashioned ‘train tracks’. This means that young people, in particular, don't have that awful sensation that ‘people are looking at me’. You can speak perfectly with them, and eat as normal. You might even forget you're wearing them!


Are Quickbraces expensive?


As a general rule of thumb, any revolutionary new technology tends to cost more. But not in this instance – and here’s why. Because the system works its magic in just six months, the patient spends less time in the surgery. This means that we don't have to charge for as much time as with the old system.


The bottom line is that our fantastic new clear braces solution has never been more affordable. And remember that you can chose to spread the cost over three, six or nine months with our 0% dental finance plan.


So as clear braces cost so much less that you might think, there’s no reason to postpone treatment any longer. Why not contact us today and get the ball rolling.


And incidentally, if you'd like to check out that article on the meaning of a smile, you can check it out right here http://www.womenshealthmag.com/life/meaning-of-a-smile