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Let braces tackle those crooked or overcrowded teeth!

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It’s hard to believe, but your crooked teeth could be absolutely straight in as little as six months, thanks to our Quickbraces solution. Find out more right here.

You may not have your trusty author pegged as ‘the handy type’, but at home the other night, I was asked to contribute to the overall level of marital harmony by fixing a bookcase that had collapsed under the weight of books and magazines piled onto it.


A quick trip to the garden shed later, I had found my dust-covered toolbox and set about remedying the errant bookcase. It was clear that the old holes in the wall that had been drilled to support it were completely shot, so your DIY expert (in his own head) looked to drop the shelf to a slightly lower level – requiring the drilling of new holes.


And here’s where the interesting bit comes into play in relation to the topic of teeth. The entire job took about fifteen minutes, but at least half of that was spend in making sure that the shelf would be absolutely straight - not a centimeter off in either direction!


It set me thinking about our obsession about straight. We tend to love straight lines in our gardens. We park our cars within straight lines in the car park. We even type articles like this in completely straight lines.


Maybe it's this inbuilt obsession with straightness that sees us immediately want to deal with crooked teeth – even if they're totally healthy and white otherwise.


Thankfully, for those in the ‘straight camp’ in terms of their teeth, there’s a really simple and really affordable solution available from MyDental. The system is called Quickbraces, and it's simply light years ahead of those old-fashioned train tracks that you’ve seen so often.


Why are Quickbraces so much better?


Without doubt, the biggest single benefit relates to the time you’ll be wearing them for. The old-fashioned system normally had to be worn for around two years, and sometimes even longer. The average length of time for Quickbraces to work their magic is just six months. This is a general average, but we’ll happily give you an exact prediction at your first consultation.


Secondly, there’s the issue of comfort. The old form of braces exerted a lot of pressure on teeth and gums, and were quite uncomfortable to wear. This was doubly important when you had to wear them for so long. Quickbraces exert much less force, so the comfort levels are vastly improved.


Thirdly, there’s the fact that Quickbraces are very discreet and thin, so you won’t tend to believe that everybody is looking at you when you open your mouth to talk or laugh. This is particularly important for young people, who tend to be that little bit more self-conscious.


They must be very expensive, right?


You’d automatically think that any new form of treatment would cost you more, but this is not true in this instance. The reason is simple. Because the treatment is finished within just six months, you spend less time in our surgery, so we can charge you less for our professional time.


The net effect of all this is that our new clear braces system is highly affordable – and even more so if you spread the cost over three, six or nine months with our 0% Dental Finance Plan.


Clear braces cost so little these days, that they’re well within the pocket of the vast majority of our patients. So if you – or someone in your family – is worried about crooked or overcrowded teeth, don't put off that appointment with us any longer.


One final thought for the long weekend


There was an excellent article on the Irish Dental Association recently on the topic of sugars in the diet. With the long weekend approaching, there’s some helpful information n it in terms of the choices you should make - http://www.dentist.ie/latest-news/irish-dental-association-highlights-dangers-of-hidden-sugars-in-%E2%80%98healthy-lifestyle%E2%80%99-diet.6708.html