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Clear braces can straighten that smile in just 6 months!

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Our Quickbraces system is the perfect answer to overcrowded or crooked teeth. Here’s the full lowdown on what you need to know.

Although we’re loathe to wax philosophical in this column, we have to admit that – sometimes – life can be very unfair. As an example, take the thousands of people who visit our surgery each year and have taken perfect care of their teeth – regularly brushing and flossing, and also coming in to us for regular checkups.


All of these are to be commended, but for a small percentage, life has dealt them a less than perfect hand by giving them an overcrowded mouthful of teeth, or teeth that are not straight. This seems so very unfair, as it has nothing to do with neglect or lack of attention on the part of the patient.


Thankfully, however, that seeming unfairness can now be addressed within as little as just six months – thanks to our Quickbraces system. And even better news is that the cost of this fantastic new treatment has dramatically decreased.


There’s nothing new, of course, about the use of braces by your dentist. But in the past, the dreaded ‘train tracks’ would have to stay inn place for up to two years – and sometimes even longer.

But with today’s generation of clear braces, the treatment has suddenly escalated to a whole new level of excellence.


How come Quickbraces are so much better and more effective? 

Let’s imagine, for a moment, that you're an awkward teenager, somewhat lacking in confidence and still trying to find your place in the world. The very last thing that you’ll want to hear is that you have to wear unsightly and uncomfortable braces for a period of two years or more.


With Quickbraces, however, the time needed for them to work their magic is around six months – a massive reduction in treatment time. It’s impossible to give a blanket guarantee of how quickly they’ll work, but six months is a fair average, and we’ll give you a precise timeframe when you drop in for your first consultation.


The next big advantage is comfort and wearability. Those old-fashioned train tracks were very thick, and applied a lot of pressure to the teeth and gums. And often, these two factors combined to make it difficult to speak properly. It also meant that people were slow to smile, as it showed their train tracks to all and sundry.


The brackets that we use with Quickbraces are smaller, and also exert less force on sensitive teeth and gums. The bottom line is that they’re way more comfortable – and also way more discreet. You can speak normally with them, and there’s no pain or discomfort when you're eating, smiling or simply going about your everyday business.


Quickbraces must be expensive, right? 

You would think so, wouldn’t you? Most big breakthroughs are usually more expensive. In this instance, however, the opposite is the case. Because we can complete your treatment in just six months or so, you spend less time in the dentist’s chair. This means that we need to charge you less for professional attendances, so you end up paying significantly less than for the old-fashioned form of treatment.


This means that our new clear braces system has simple never been cheaper or more affordable – and even more so if you spread the cost over three, six or nine months with our 0% dental finance plan.


Clear braces cost so little, in fact, that there’s simply no excuse for putting off treatment any longer. Why not phone us today and start the process – you’ll be delighted you did.