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Clear braces cost less than ever – so maybe it’s time?

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Our Quickbraces system offers the prospect of straight teeth in as little as six months. So shouldn’t you be finding out more?

We were watching an old movie recently which featured an American family in the nineteen sixties. There were five or six kids in the family, each of whom had a massive mouthful of ‘metal’ in the form of so-called train tracks.

The braces seemed enormous, and every time they spoke or smiled, you simply couldn’t keep your eyes off the metal contraption that was straightening their teeth. 

Thankfully, dental science has moved on as quickly as other forms of medicine or technology, and today, we offer a form of clear braces that is virtually unrecognizable from those dreadful models of the sixties.

This is a good thing from a whole variety of standpoints, but top of our list is the fact that young people can be very self-conscious about their appearance, so ‘condemning’ them to two years or more in traditional braces seems like the end of their world.

How are Quickbraces different?

The contemporary system that we use at MyDental is called Quickbraces, and it has a whole range of benefits over the old-fashioned variety of braces.

  • First of all, they act way faster than their older counterparts. It was not unusual for people to have to wear their braces for up to two years – and even longer in certain cases. The average time for Quickbraces to act is just six months. We’ll give you a more precise indication at your first consultation, but we can guarantee you that your treatment will be over in a fraction of the time required by the old system. 
  • They're also more discreet than the old-fashioned train tracks. This means that the wearer is not so conscious of them, and will be much more likely to smile and talk as normal, without any intrusion on their day-to-day lives.
  • Then there’s the matter of comfort. Quickbraces exert much less pressure on the teeth and gums, so there’s no sense of discomfort while your teeth are being asked to change their position in your mouth.
  • They’re also highly effective at correcting the most crooked or most overcrowded set of teeth. And in cases where we treat both the top and bottom teeth together, you can look forward to a truly excellent result.
  • The new technology behind our Quickbraces system is tried and tested and has been used on thousands and thousands of people right around the world. The results are very predictable – a lovely, straight smile every time.
  • Another plus point is that use of the Quickbraces system rarely calls for the extraction of a healthy tooth, in in cases where there’s a lot of overcrowding going on.
  • Getting clear braces in Dublin, right here at our MyDental surgery, will only involve a visit to the surgery every five to six weeks, so it's not eating into your personal time.
  • Clear braces cost a lot less than those dreadful old models that we saw in our movie. This is because there’s a lot less work involved on the part of our dentists, so we can afford to charge you substantially less. You’ll genuinely be surprised at how affordable Quickbraces are. Our charges are clearly displayed on our website, and also all  around our surgery and offices, in accordance with the code of practice of the Irish Dental Council - http://www.dentalcouncil.ie/displayoffees.php