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Let’s straighten out a few facts about clear braces!

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Clear braces have changed beyond recognition in terms of effectiveness and affordability. Here’s the full lowdown.

We’re starting today’s blog with some philosphical musings on the nature of time. They say that when you hold your hand in a flame, a second feels like an eternity, while when you're in the company of your lover, an eternity feels like just a second.

The relativity of time was treated in a little more depth by a certain Mister Einstein, but the analogy above is good enough for now for the purposee of this article.

Here in the MyDental surgery, we often have to break the news to our younger patients that they will have to wear braces – or train tracks, to quote the vernacular – to remedy crooked or overcrowded teeth.

Frequently, the news is greeted with less than elation. And it's understandable, because in the past, this would have meant that the patient would be wearing braces for up to two years – and even longer in exceptional cases.

So when we tell them that our clear braces system – known as Quickbraces – can do exactly the same job in just six months, the outpouring of joy and relief is wonderful to behold.

This is a working example of the theory of relativity. Two years = purgatory. Six months = bearable. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s consider, for a minute, the full range of benefits that this revolutionary form of treatment can bring to the table.

  • Apart from the major time benfit mentioned above, Quickbraces are way more comfortable than their traditonal counterparts. And with good reason, as they exert significantly less force on the teeth and gums. We love to hear our patients tell us that they often forget they’re wearing braces – something that could never be said for the former type of corrective braces.


  • Another major plus point is that Quickbraces do such a brilliant job that we rarely have to extract a perfectly sound tooth. This is something our patients love to hear – but it also keeps our dentists happy, as they hate to bid farewell to a healthy tooth!


  • A further plus is the sheer effectiveness of the Quickbraces system. We take before and after shots of our patients, and it's really hard, sometimes, to believe tht it's the same person in the photographs. The system works especially well when both the top and bottom teeth are treated concurrently.


  • And strangely, perhaps, the next big benefit is cost. Paradoxically, this new technology is less expensive rather than more expensive. Why? Well it’s simple – we need to spend less time with our patients, so the professional fees are lower. And of course, we also give our patients the option of spreading the cost of treatment – thanks to our 0% Dental Finance Plan.


Clear braces in Dublin have simply never been more affordable for ordinary people. You can check the costs here on our website – we think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised.


Clear braces cost even less at MyDental, as we pride ourelves on being able to keep costs to a minimum thanks to our streamlined processes and practices.

Are you happy with the dental terms we use?

If there are any terms we’re using that are confusing you in any way, you might like to visit this handy glossary of terms - http://www.dentist.ie/your-oral-health/glossary-of-dental-terms.5622.html