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Let’s clear up a thing or two about clear braces!

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If you no longer want to share that crooked or overcrowded smile, don’t worry – help is at hand. Here’s the full story.

If you’ve been watching TV lately, we’re sure that you’ll have been as thrilled as we were to see our Special Olympians achieve such success at the World Games, coming back with an unprecedented haul of medals.


There’s been very generous coverage of their exploits – and rightly so. And in almost every camera shot, one of our representatives is beaming from ear to ear. It’s one of the most joyous things imaginable to see someone truly smiling – holding nothing back.


But for some members of the general community, of course, there’s a reason why they may be somewhat reticent to flash a full smile – a set of crooked or overcrowded teeth.


 It’s amazing the effect that it can have on people – draining their self-confidence and making them feel very awkward and uncomfortable in social situations.


Thankfully, however, there’s simply no reason to feel so negative about your smile. Here at MyDental, we have a solution that can give you a beaming, straight smile in as little as just six months!


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We use the Quickbraces system of clear braces to work incredible levels of magic or our patients – and at very affordable prices. In the past, of course, you would have had to wear your braces for two years – and sometimes even longer if the problem was particularly acute.


Quickbraces can sort the problem in as little as ix months – no matter how crooked or overcrowded your teeth may be. So in just a quarter of the time you might have been expecting, you can look forward to a truly wonderful smile.


There are other benefits other than just the time needed to work. Quickbraces are also much more comfortable than their old-fashioned rivals, as they’re much lighter and less intrusive.


Our patients tell us that it’s much easier to talk, to smile and to eat with Quickbraces, and they even suggest that they forget they’re wearing braces after a week or two.


They must be very expensive?

You would think so – but the truth is very different. Most new technologies are expensive for the first few years, and then tail off in price. With Quickbraces, however, we can pass on savings to you right away.


Why? Well simply because you spend less time in our surgery, so we don’t need to charge you so much for our professional attendances.


The bottom line is that clear braces in Dublin have never been so affordable for our patients – particularly if they choose to avail of our 0% Dental Finance Plan.


Clear braces cost so little these days that you’d be mad to put up with a crooked or overcrowded smile – so why not drop in to us for an initial consultation?


Are we confusing you?

If you ever find that we’re using terminology that you don’t understand, here’s a handy glossary of terms from the Irish Dental Association - http://www.dentist.ie/your-oral-health/glossary-of-dental-terms.5622.html