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The clear truth about how good clear braces are.

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There’s no need to accept crooked or overcrowded teeth as a life sentence. Here’s the full story on how you can remedy this particular dental problem. 

Before penning this blog, we took a moment to look up the dictionary definition of the word ‘crooked’.

  1. bent or twisted out of shape or out of place: his teeth were yellow and crooked.
  2. informal dishonest; illegal: a crooked business deal.

It stuck us as strange that a word that related to the shape of something should also be taken to mean dishonest or illegal. Perhaps that tells us something about the way we view crookedness. It’s not just an abnormality – but it also seems to break some sort of natural law!

Healthy in every other regard.

Is it any wonder then, that people who have crooked teeth have been forced by society to regard them as being less than perfect – even though they may be perfectly healthy and strong in every other respect.

Anyway, whatever the reasons for our societal distrust of things that are crooked, the fact remains that tens of thousands of Irish people undergo corrective procedures each year to give them the sort of straight smile that they so clearly desire.

In the not-so-distant past, such a procedure would have taken around two years – and often longer if the teeth were seriously crooked, or if there was an additional problem of overcrowding.

Just six months to transform your smile.

Today, thankfully, dentistry has moved on a lot, and here at MyDental, the clear braces system that we offer our patients (known as Quickbraces) can work its very special brand of magic in as little as six months.

For patients of any age, this is a remarkable step forward, but for our younger patients, it represents an even bigger boon. They’re often at a stage of their lives when they’re somewhat self-conscious, and dread the thought of being ‘condemned’ to two years of wearing those old-fashioned train tracks.

Thankfully, the Quickbraces system is not just four times faster than the older forms of treatment, but they’re also much more comfortable to wear and don’t result in that dreaded slurring noise when the wearer is talking.

Our patients tell us that they're also very comfortable when eating, and some even go on to say that they often forget they're wearing braces.

Not just faster, but more comfortable too!

The principles behind Quickbraces are relatively simple and straightforward. The braces apply a mild pressure to the teeth (as we don't want to cause any damage) and this forces the periodontal ligament (which holds your teeth in place) to make room in the preferred new location. Even better, the process fills in the area where the crooked teeth were formerly sited, so there’s no unsightly gap left behind.

Once the gentle pressure has brought about some movement, the pressure is gently increased at your next visit to us. Typically, you can expect to be visiting us at roughly monthly intervals, and we promise you that the process of adjusting the pressure is very painless and minimally invasive.

Are Quickbraces very expensive?

You might think that such a new and successful form of treatment would cost a fortune, but the opposite is the case. Because you visit us less often during the treatment, we can afford to charge you significantly less.

Without a doubt, clear braces in Dublin are not the major drain on family resources that they were in the past, and it’s true to say that clear braces cost an unrecognizable fraction of what they did in the past.

MyDental’s Code Of Conduct for Clear Braces

Here at MyDental, we operate to the highest moral, ethical and professional standards. In terms of our code of conduct for treating our patients, we subscribe in full to the Code of Practice of the Irish Dental Council (http://www.dentalcouncil.ie/g_dentalethics.php)