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Clear braces have a lot more history than you think!

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While orthodontic braces are one of the most important dental treatments of modern times, they date back thousands of years. Here’s the full story.

We are fortunate, as a generation, to live in times when so many diseases are controllable or treatable by modern medicines and technologies. We include dentistry as part of this claim, and this is definitely the best time to live – in the entire history of the planet – if you're looking for great dental health.

But it wasn’t always thus. Orthodontic braces – a predecessor of today’s clear braces -  weren‘t invented until the 1800s, but people‘s interest in straight teeth actually goes back thousands of years to the ancient Egyptians.

The different methods used to straighten teeth varied hugely, but it's clear that people valued a smile –even back then. Archaeologists who’ve studied mummified remains in Egypt are certain that the ancient Egyptians made several attempts at closing gaps between teeth – sometimes using a form of catgut. The catgut more or less replicated how wire works for the modern dentist.


The Romans – and their interest in dentistry.

We also know, from accounts left by Aulus Cornelius Celsus, an ancient Roman student of medical procedures, that finger pressure was used to straighten teeth. Again, this mirrors the force exerted today by your clear braces, so the concept made sense in principle.

You might be tempted to think that we would laugh at such primitive efforts, but this is far from the case. Each attempt in the field of medicine or dentistry to take a step forward is to be applauded, and if you didn’t have those ancient efforts to improve our health, we simply wouldn’t be where we are today.

And where we are today is a very good place, indeed. Our Quickbraces form of clear braces, for example, can straighten crooked teeth or remedy overcrowding in as little as six months – and with minimal discomfort.

The benefits of clear braces.

The time factor is obviously hugely important, as only a generation ago, you could expect to have to wear braces for two years or more. But there are also some other important benefits:

  • They’re comfortable. Unlike the older, heavy metal braces, today’s clear braces are lighter – and exert less pressure. The bottom line is that many of our patients tell us they forge they’re even wearing them.
  • They’re functional. Patients experience no difficulties when eating, talking, smiling or laughing. In effect, your clear braces behave like normal teeth until the day comes when you can have them removed.
  • They’re affordable. You might think that this new form of technology would be very expensive, but the opposite is true. Clear braces in Dublin will now cost you much less than those old-fashioned ‘train tracks’ would have set you back. The bottom line is that clear braces cost very little when you consider that their impact will last a lifetime – and totally transform your smile and how it makes you feel.

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