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Crooked teeth? Clear Braces will soon put you straight.

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There’s never been a quicker solution to the problem of crooked or overcrowded teeth. Read on to find how it works.

We may not have mentioned this in our blogs before, but we enjoy an occasional pint! A pint of Guinness, to be specific. Medium sized head, not too cold, and served with a smile by our favourite barman.


So when we headed to our local in the middle of last week, we had an image of our perfect pint jumping around in our head. Enjoyed with a few of the ‘regulars’, and accompanied by a conversation peppered with amazing insight and repartee that Oscar Wilde would be proud of.


Sadly, it all went pear-shaped. We’d forgotten that the big match was on telly, so when we opened the doors of the pub, we were faced with a heaving mass of soccer-mad locals, with barely an inch of space between them.


The evils of overcrowding!

With an overwhelming sense of sadness, we retraced our steps and headed home for a pint-less night in front of the TV. But why are we telling you all this? Well simply to highlight the evils of overcrowding – especially when that overcrowding happens to take place in the mouths of our patients.


People often wrongly assume that clear braces are only used to address the issue of crooked teeth, but overcrowding is also a very common reason to resort to braces.


Here at MyDental, we use the Quickbraces system, which can achieve almost magical results in as little as six months. And the big advantage of using this system to address overcrowding is that it can avoid the need to extract otherwise healthy teeth – something which is anathema to any dentist worth his salt.


What’s so special about Quickbraces? 

  • Speed is one of the most important benefits from our patients’ point of view. With old-fashioned train tracks, they could be left wearing their braces for up to two years – or even longer, in exceptional circumstances. Our Quickbraces work in just a quarter of that time – happy days for our patients!


  • Quickbraces leave our patients with a really comfortable bite – and particularly so when they get their top and bottom teeth done at the same time.


  • They’re also a lot more comfortable to wear versus their old-fashioned rivals. They apply less pressure to the teeth and gums, and our patients soon forget that they’re wearing braces.


  • The clear braces that we use – often referred to as invisible braces -  are seriously more discreet than the older train tracks, so you won’t feel self-conscious when you're wearing them. This is particularly important for our younger patients, who often feel that ‘everybody is looking at them’.

Are they very expensive?

Absolutely not. Our patients spend less time in the dentist’s chair with the Quickbraces system, so we don’t need to charge them as much for our professional services as with the older methods. And don’t forget that you can spread the cost over three months, six months or nine months by availing of our 0% Dental Finance Plan.

If you’d like to know more about the principles of clear braces, there’s an excellent article on this topic on the very informative WebMD website – you can access it here: http://www.webmd.com/oral-health/guide/braces-and-retainers#1