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We’ll give it to you straight about Clear Braces!

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It’s not a dream – you really can have straight teeth in just 6 Months when you opt for Fastbraces® from MyDental, Dublin.

Sometimes, it can seem that life is very unfair. Take teenagers, for example. At the very time that they’re trying to find their place in the world and develop the resilience that comes with self-confidence, crooked or overcrowded teeth can intervene.

So while they’re trying to ‘fit in’ and not draw too much attention to themselves, they suddenly find themselves looking different from their peers thanks to the dreaded ‘train tracks’.

And even worse, for many of them it’s a two-year sentence at least, as the traditional forms of braces take this length of time to work effectively.

If you know of any youngsters who’ve had to go down this road, you’ll know how self-conscious they can become, and how they tend to avoid smiling – or even talking – as it invites others to notice that they’re wearing braces.

Thankfully, those days are rapidly becoming a thing of the past thanks to a revolutionary form of braces that’s now available at MyDental in Dublin. They’re known as Fastbraces® and they have a whole host of benefits over their traditional rivals. And bear in mind that they’re also suitable for adults, so no matter what age you are, crooked or overcrowded teeth need not be a life sentence.

Have a look at the benefits of Fastbraces®

Probably the biggest benefit is the fact that you may only have to wear Fastbraces® for as little as six months. And particularly for young people, this 18-month saving can be massive in terms of letting them get to a normal life as quickly as possible.

They’re also way more comfortable that the older models, yet equally effective in delivering great results – especially when upper and lower teeth are treated at the same time.

And another very important benefit is that use of the system rarely involves a case of extraction, even in cases of severe overcrowding. All in all, it’s a fantastic option when compared to the bad old days of treating crooked teeth.

Are Fastbraces® very expensive

No – not at all. The system involves less time in the dentist’s chair, which means that you’re paying for less time on the part of a professional specialist.

This drives the price down, and you can make it even more affordable if you opt to spread the cost over three, six or nine months through our 0% Dental Finance plan. And bearing in mind that you’re buying a smile for life, it really is a fantastic investment in yourself.

You’ll be given an indication at your initial consultation as to precisely how long you’ll be wearing your braces, but an average figure is just six months – happy days for anyone facing the prospect of braces!

Where is this technology coming from?

Traditionally, America has been ahead of us here in Ireland when it comes to correction of crooked or overcrowded teeth. The technology behind Fastbraces® comes from the U.S., so it’s very much a proven form of orthodontic treatment, with hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.

A central part of the technology is that there is a smaller force exerted on your teeth, which makes it a much more comfortable experience for the wearer. Very often, our patients tell us that they genuinely forget they’re even wearing them – a fantastic result, you’ll agree?

The Fastbraces® system is put in place in your mouth a section at a time, and this means that both crown and the roots of the teeth are moved very slowly, meaning less discomfort for the wearer. Also, the brackets that we use are smaller than normal, so less conspicuous and less embarrassing for the patient.

The savings versus traditional treatments

Our clear braces system is very significantly more affordable than the old system, which required the attendances of the dentist for around two years. Clear braces cost a lot less simply because there are fewer visits involved, so we need to bill you for less hours of our time.

We’ll be totally upfront with you about prices from the very outset, and you’ll find our charges clearly displayed I accordance with the code of practice of the Irish Dental Council – http://www.dentalcouncil.ie/displayoffees.php