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Invisible braces that deliver highly visible results.

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If you need corrective braces but are conscious about your appearance while wearing them, here’s all you need to know about invisible braces.

We got involved in one of those silly conversations recently that harked back to when we were kids. Someone in our company asked the simple question “If you could have just one super-power, what would it be?” 

Needless to say, it was the prelude to a half hour of nonsensical suggestions – from being able to run at the speed of light to having X-Ray vision.

We dismissed most of these as totally silly and juvenile, before going on to suggest our own preferred super-power. Invisibility. Yep – invisibility. We still remember David McCallum playing the part of The Invisible Man in the 70’s TV series, and it seemed to us to be the coolest of all super-powers.

Just think how easily you could eavesdrop if you were invisible. Or how simple it would be to get into the big match or that sellout concert!


The more serious side of invisibility

And on a more serious note, invisibility could play a huge part in some of the more mundane areas of our life. Like having dental braces, for example. If you go back a decade or so, having to wear braces meant that you looked like something from a Frankenstein movie – tons of metal in your mouth, making it difficult to talk, smile and even eat.


Thankfully, those days are well and truly gone. The form of clear braces we use here at MyDental are called Quickbraces, and they work their magic on crooked or overcrowded teeth in just six months. That’s an amazing level of performance when you think that the old train tracks could take two years to work – or even longer.


The power of discretion

But on top of this, they’re unbelievably discreet, so people wearing them tend to be much less self-conscious. This is a really big deal when you're in your teens, for example, and don't want to look different from the rest of your peers.

The new generation of braces is also way more comfortable than their predecessors. And remember that you wear them 24 hours a day, so comfort is a really big deal. with Quickbraces, many of our patients tell us that after a week or two, they forget they're even wearing them.

Quickbraces don’t just work their magic for crooked teeth – they’re also a Godsend for overcrowded teeth. And a really big plus point is that healthy teeth rarely need to be extracted when Quickbraces are involved – a real result.

Are Quickbraces very expensive?

You’d be inclined to think that a treatment that works so well would cost top dollar. The opposite is the case, however. Why so? Well, you need to spend less time with us, so we can pass on the savings to you in terms of fewer professional attendances. As a result, clear braces cost a fraction of the traditional cost of braces.


And even better news is that when it comes to invisible braces Ireland is very much a leading international dentistry centre for the procedure, so you're guaranteed excellent results that should brighten your smile for the rest of your life.


And if you’re actively considering invisible braces Dublin is something of a centre of excellence – including our own surgery here at Bath Avenue, of course.

Got clear braces already?

If so, you might be interested in this good advice on taking care of them, form our friends over at Oral-B: http://www.oralb.com/embraceit/braces-tips-and-tricks