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If your smile is crooked, here’s some straight talking on how to put things right. And it's easier than you think!

We were having a cup of coffee recently in our favourite coffee shop on Bath Avenue, when a scene played out in front of us that we’re sure has been replicated thousands and thousands of times before. A boy of around thirteen years old was sitting at the table next to us, with a woman we presumed to be his mother.

We’d normally leave them to their own devices, but our ears pricked up when we heard the words ‘train tracks’ wafting across the air. Suddenly, we were all ears!

It was obvious from the conversation that our young man had been diagnosed as being in need of orthodontics – specifically, he was going to have braces fitted over the coming few days.

To put things mildly, he was none too please about the prospects of wearing braces. Our heart went out to him, and we longed to tell him that he was worrying for nothing. It didn’t seem right to interject into a private conversation, but if we had, here’s what we would have said in response to his worries:

I don’t want to have to wear braces for the next couple of years.

Don’t worry – there’s no need to. The latest form of clear braces – such as the Quickbraces that we use here at MyDental – can work their magic in just six months. They’ve revolutionised the treatment of crooked teeth, and young people no longer have to face in to a two-year ‘sentence’.

I’ll look silly wearing them.

Again, this is not the case. Modern-day clear braces mean that an orthodontist can fit a solution that’s much smaller and neater than the old-fashioned train tracks. They don’t set you apart immediately as ‘being different’, which is very important when you're a young teenager or adolescent.

They’ll be really uncomfortable.

Not so. Because they’re so light and neat, some of our patients tell us that they soon forget they’re wearing them.

It will be hard to eat with them.

No – there’s no need to worry on that score. You can bite and chomp with ease, and once you make sure that you're extra diligent with your brushing and flossing – avoiding any build-up of rogue particles of food – then everything will be fine.

Apart from giving these pointers to the young man in question, we’d also have loved to lean over to the Mum and told here that she needn’t be worrying about the treatment costing here a small fortune. This may have been true at one stage, but because the treatment now only takes six months, we can charge our patients less.

We’d also have reminded Mum that she can spread the cost over three, six or nine months with our 0% Dental Finance Plan.

And one final point that we'd have made to Mum is that she shouldn’t be lured by the prospect of so-called cheaper prices if she takes her son abroad for treatment. If you're looking for an orthodontist Dublin has a great reputation – without the need for flight and accommodation costs, subsistence etc. ‘Dental tourism’ is awash with dangers, as you can see from this articles on the Irish Dental Association’s website - http://www.dentist.ie/latest-news/the-dangers-of-dental-tourism-.6556.html