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Got an orthodontic problem? You’re in the right place.

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More and more of us are having orthodontic treatment – but it's never been less of a big deal. Here’s why.

If you asked us whether dentists are winning or losing in terms of improving the overall health of the nation, the resounding answer would be that we’re winning. Conditions like dental caries are becoming less and less common, and we now tend to believe, as a society, that our teeth are for life – assuming we take care of them properly.


Despite this, there is a growing trend in this country for teenagers to need orthodontic treatment. It seems that if you go into any Leaving Cert class, you’ll see four or five kids wearing some form of ‘train tracks’.

This is not to suggest, however, that they are in some way to blame for this situation. Quite the opposite, in fact, as the reasons for crooked or overcrowded teeth have got nothing to do with your normal dental regime.

The bottom line is that changes in the structure of our teeth have been happening over tens of thousands of years, and relate to the massive changes in our diet over that period. The teeth that may have been needed back when we ate raw meat and roots may not be needed today – we’re thinking of wisdom teeth, for example.

But wisdom teeth still appear for some of us, putting huge pressure on other teeth and leading to all sorts of problems. Then there’s the fact that the bones of teenagers are still growing at a time when they have their full complement of teeth. It’s inevitable that this will cause problems of crookedness for some patients.


Thankfully, braces now work quicker than ever.

Not so long ago, youngsters who needed braces would have been looking at a treatment period of up to two years – and it could be even longer in certain circumstances. And at a time in their lives when youngsters are lacking in self-confidence, every extra day that they’re forced to wear train tracks can feel like a form of purgatory.

Apart from the benefit of a shorter treatment time, there are some other important benefits to our Quickbraces. They’re way more comfortable than their older rivals, as they exert less pressure on the teeth and gums and are far more gentle. Many of our patients tell us that they soon forget they're even wearing them.

They’re also a lot more discreet. They're a fraction of the size of older train tracks, so they attract less attention to the wearer – thankfully.

And surprisingly, this new form of orthodontic treatment is cheaper than heretofore. Why so? Well it's very simple – our patients spend less time in the dentist’s chair, so we can afford to charge them less.


Home or abroad – where should I get treatment?

Very definitely, if you're in the market for orthodontics Dublin is one of the best places in Europe to have your treatment carried out. It’s every bit as affordable as going abroad for treatment – particularly when you factor in accommodation, flights and subsistence – and you get a much better level of attention and after-care service.

So if you're considering orthodontists Dublin should be your first port of call. And if you narrow your search to 11 Bath Avenue, you can also avail of our 0% Finance Plan, which allows you to spread the cost over a number of months (you can choose from 3, 6 or 9).


Our code of practice

Whether you're visiting us for orthodontic treatment or any other form of dentistry, you can rest assured that we subscribe in full to the Irish Dental Council’s Code of Practice - (http://www.dentalcouncil.ie/g_dentalethics.php)