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Orthodontic wisdom to put you straight on crooked smiles.

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Ever wondered what a perfectly straight smile would feel like? Here’s what you need to know.

We’ve mentioned several times in this blog of ours that the seeming explosion in orthodontic treatment is growing by the day – with no sign of slowing down any time soon. Everywhere we look, the young people we meet seem to be wearing braces of some sort.

Orthodontic treatment seems to be the order of the day, and even when we turn on TV, they’re right there in front of us. It almost seems to be ‘de rigueur’ for presenters of young people’s programmes to be proudly showing off their braces.

But recently, something slightly different has caught our attention – the number of older people who are turning to orthodontics to straighten their smile. And when we say ‘older’, we don't mean geriatric – it's more likely to be people in their thirties or forties.

Over the weekend, we saw a news presenter, a weather girl and a male interviewee on a chat show – all in their more mature years, and all wearing braces.

We asked ourselves why this was suddenly happening. Surely, we thought, this is the territory of teenagers whose mouths are simply not big enough to accommodate all their teeth?

But after scratching our heads for a while, it suddenly dawned on us why so many older adopters are coming to the fore. Up to very recently, a notional 40-year-old with crooked or overcrowded teeth was faced with a very simple choice. Either put up with it – or wear braces for two years or more.

And as we grow older, the prospects of a two-year ‘sentence’ does not sound so appealing, and just seems like too much hassle.

Today, however, the invisible braces that we use here at MyDental take just six months to do the job – and do it brilliantly. And as you’ll surely agree, there’s a hell of a difference between six months and two years.

We’ve no scientific research to back it up, but we reckon that this is a major reason why braces are now popping up everywhere – even in a so-called ‘older generation’.


How come they work so fast?

Good question. Advances in dental technology mean that today’s generation of clear braces are much more effective in straightening teeth. But that’s just the beginning of the benefits:

• They’re also way more comfortable, and don't cause that characteristic slurring that was such a part of wearing braces in the bad old days. They exert a more gentle pressure on the teeth and gums, and the pain associated with the old-fashioned models.

• They’re brilliantly effective at what they do, particularly when you decide to have both top and bottom teeth sorted at the same time.

• They’re much smaller, narrower and altogether more discrete. People will spot them when they get up close and personal, but they’re no longer visible across an entire room.

• And here’s something that might surprise you – they're also a lot cheaper these days. Why so? Because you spend less time in our surgery, so we don't have to bill you for as many hours as heretofore.


One more tip for great value braces

If you’re looking to find great orthodontists Dublin is an excellent place to start, as it's home to some excellent dental practices. But here at MyDental, there’s an extra reason to choose us – affordability. Not alone do we offer great prices, but we also offer you the option of spreading the cost over three, six or none months. So what’s stopping you – drop in and see us about starting a treatment plan for you.

And remember that we adhere to the highest standards of ethical treatment, in accordance with the Irish Dental Council’s Code of Practice - (http://www.dentalcouncil.ie/g_dentalethics.php)