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Just imagine having straight teeth in 6 months!

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You can now avail of clear adult and children’s Braces by Fastbraces® here in the MyDental surgery. It’s a faster and cheaper solution than traditional methods, and you’ll have a smile to be truly proud of.

If you look at any group of young teens, chances are that a few of them will be wearing dental braces. It’s become almost a rite of passage for a certain age cohort, but not one that’s welcomed by very many.

It’s easy to see why youngsters might baulk at the prospect of wearing braces. First of all, at a time of their lives when they’re often quite self-conscious and a little awkward, they’re being asked to stand out from the crowd by wearing braces which can affect not only their appearance, but also their speech.

Secondly, there’s the fact that traditional braces were not necessarily the most comfortable thing in the world to wear, often causing not just discomfort but actual pain.

Then there was the fact that youngsters often had to wear the braces for up to two years – and sometimes even more. At that stage of their lives, this almost constituted a ‘life sentence’.

Thankfully, however, there’s a totally new way to address the problem of crooked or overcrowded teeth – and it’s available right here at MyDental.

Fastbraces® is the name of the revolutionary new clear braces system, and it has a large number of plus points versus the traditional treatment:

  • They are much, much faster to take effect so the patient can wave goodbye to them in as little as 6 months.
  • Because the patient spends less time in our surgery, we are able to provide them at a much lower cost than the traditional treatment.
  • There’s very little discomfort and our patients tell us that they barely notice they’re wearing them.
  • They are very successful at dealing with overcrowding, so there’s rarely a need to extract a healthy tooth.
  • It delivers the most comfortable bite possible when you you’re your upper and lower teeth treated by at the same time. 

How fast do Fastbraces® work?

We’ve never met a patient who asked us could they keep their braces on a little longer. They look forward to the day when they’ll be taking them off, so the good news is that the typical treatment period for Fastbraces® is around six months.

Your MyDental dentist will give you a firm timescale at the initial consultation, and the length of time you’ll be wearing your braces depends on factors such as the shape of your teeth and your bone structure.

Where has this technology come from?

The United States has been traditionally a leader in this technology, but with the arrival of Fastbraces®, we can now offer you the very best of global technology.

The treatment is commonplace in America and is very much a tried and tested solution, with thousands of satisfied customers. It’s a very gentle form of treatment and exerts minimal force on the teeth compared to the traditional train tracks.

Another benefit is that, as less pressure is in force, the surface of the enamel is unlikely to be harmed. The system is put in place a section at a time, which means that the roots of your teeth and the crown are moving at a very slow pace, meaning less pain and less discomfort.

How come they cost less?

Clear braces cost much less simply because there are fewer surgery visits involved, so you’re paying for less of your dentist’s time. And if you prefer, of course, you can pay for your clear braces using our 0% Dental Finance Plan.

Note: Clear braces treatment by MyDental is covered by the Code of Practice of the Irish Dental Council (http://www.dentalcouncil.ie/g_dentalethics.php)