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Straight Teeth in just 6 Months from MyDental Dublin

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Affordable and effective Clear Adult and Children’s Braces by Fastbraces® are now available in MyDental, Dublin.

If you have teenage children in the family, there’s a very good chance that one or more of them have been faced with the prospect of wearing ‘train tracks’ for a lengthy period to correct crooked or overcrowding teeth.

We have yet to find someone who enjoyed this experience, as they’re awkward to wear, affect your speech and your ability to smile properly. When this comes along at an age when you’re already possibly short of confidence, it can be an ordeal to dread.

Thankfully, dental science has come on in leaps and bounds and the latest big breakthroughs in orthodontics is now available at MyDental Dublin.

Fastbraces® are not only faster and cheaper than their traditional rivals, but they’re also way less intrusive. The bottom line for adults and children alike is that having crooked teeth is not the precursor to a couple of years of wearing unwieldy and unsightly braces.

The benefits of Fastbraces®

Fastbraces® is a system that will not only corrects those crooked front teeth, but will do so in a comfortable yet effective manner, delivering the best achievable bite when we treat both upper and lower teeth at the same time.

Another big benefit of the system is that also it very rarely involves extraction of healthy and viable teeth, so you hold on to all your teeth.

Are Fastbraces® as quickly as you say to work?

Time and again, we hear from people who’ve had to wear the old-fashioned train tracks – often for up to two years. They literally counted down the days to getting them removed and hated every second that they had to endure this ordeal.

Thankfully, however, this has all changed. With Fastbraces®, our typical treatment period is around the six months mark – a massive improvement on ‘the bad old days’.

We’re slow to give you an exact figure in this article, but will gladly do so at your first consultation. The period you’ll need to wear your braces for depends on a number of factors, including the shape of your teeth and your bone structure.

Is this technology proven?

Very much so. The technology behind Fastbraces® has comes from the U.S., which has been traditionally ahead of Ireland when it comes to orthodontic treatment.

It’s comforting to know that many thousands of satisfied clients can testify to the efficiency and effectiveness of the Fastbraces® treatment. The forces that the system exerts on your teeth and gums is significantly less than with the traditional treatment, so it’s a very gentle solution, and many wearers tell us that they often forget they’re wearing braces.

Another plus point of this is that they don’t cause and damage to the surface of the enamel – the hard surface on the outside of your teeth. Also, they tend not to provide so many hiding places for harmful plaque to hide in.

Why are they so much more comfortable?

The first reason is that the Fastbraces® system is put in place by your dentist one section at a time. The benefit of this is that both the roots and crown of the teeth are moved very, very slowly, so there’s less discomfort for the patient.

Another important benefit is that the brackets we use with this system are smaller and less noticeable than traditional models, with an obvious spinoff in extra comfort and wearability. This comes into its own when you’re biting or chewing – or even trying to talk without a telltale speech distortion.

How many appointments are necessary?

No two cases are identical, but you’ll normally have to visit the surgery every five weeks, with a normal expectation of five to ten visits. That said, six months is still the norm for successful treatment with our clear braces system.

For most of us, six months is ‘bearable’ – especially when we think of how great our smile will look at the end of the treatment.

Clear braces cost a lot less with the new system, as there are fewer visits involved, so less man-hours to be charged. You’ll find the charges clearly displayed around our surgery and offices, in accordance with the code of practice of the Irish Dental Council – http://www.dentalcouncil.ie/displayoffees.php