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Clear braces are a change well worth making.

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Invisible braces are a miracle of their age. Here’s why.

As we’re writing this blog, the votes have been tallied and, despite almost every single pollster, Donald Trump is to be the next President of the United States. It comes as a surprise – but not as a shock. Despite not having the full Republican Party behind him, ‘The Donald’ has simply refused to go away, and had already seen off a host of rivals for the Republican candidacy.

Social media has reacted badly to the news that the man who wants to build a wall has been elected as President. If you believe the majority of posts, we’re doomed to an early nuclear wall, quickly followed by the collapse of civilisation as we know it.

But let’s step back from the cliff for a minute and review the news with a cold, clear head. It’s highly unlikely that Mr. Trump will be let go anywhere near the nuclear button, such is the army of advisors and aides that will surround him.

Also, it's already evident that while he may have campaigned in a highly abrasive and insulting manner, he has already adopted a calmer and more conciliatory stance now that he’s the leader of the free world.

And let’s be honest, sometimes change is needed – simply for the sake of change. If not, things stagnate. And if there’s one thing that we can read into the decision of the American people is that they were highly disillusioned with the stagnant nature of U.S. politics for the past number of decades.

In our own world of dentistry, this principle of ‘change is good’ is equally evident. For example, we had a perfectly good form of braces that could straighten even the most crooked or overcrowded of smiles.

So when some very clever dentists came along and said that they had discovered a newer and better way of doing things, there was more than a little scepticism on show.

But how wrong the sceptics turned out to be. The fact of the matter is that the new generation of braces is cheaper, quicker and more comfortable.

For example, a treatment that used to take two years or more now takes just six months to work its magic. And the new generation of braces is way more comfortable and discrete than its old-fashioned predecessor.

You’d probably be tempted to think that such a new-fangled form of treatment would be very expensive, but the fact of the matter is that clear braces cost way less than the old-fashioned train tracks.

There’s a very good reason for this. Because you spend less time in the dentist’s chair (six months versus two years), we can obviously afford to charge you less for our professional time.

And even better news is that if you’re in the market for invisible braces Ireland, then you're very fortunate that you live in Dublin as it’s home to some really talented dentists who love nothing more than restoring your smile to its full, straight glory.

So just as change has proved to be a positive thing in the world of dentistry, let’s hope that change will also be a good thing for America. Whether we like him or not, Donald Trump is the people’s choice, so if we value democracy, we simply have to give him a chance.

Meanwhile, if you're looking to change yourself, here’s some more light reading on the topic of clear braces - http://www.orthodontics.ie/patient-information/questions-and-answers/?gclid=CM7e0NfS1M0CFUOe2wodCbUJzA