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Clear Braces can see you straight in just 6 months.

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If you’ve been putting off clear braces because you think you’ll be stuck with them for years, then it's time to think again – thanks to Quickbraces from MyDental, Dublin.

We often find ourselves thinking the strangest thoughts about teeth here at MyDental. Why do young babies have to go through much discomfort while their teeth break through, for example? Surely Mother Nature would be much kinder if children were born with teeth – as most animals are.


Another apparent unfairness, in our eyes, is how people tend to need dental braces at a time in their lives when they can potentially be so self-conscious and awkward socially.


If you have teenagers in your family, the chances are that the topic of braces has come up for at least one of them. And frequently the response is that there’s a resistance to those unsightly ‘train tracks’ as they instantly draw attraction to the wearer – both visually and in how the voice and speech of the wearer can sometimes change.


There’s good news, however. Very good news in fact. Here at MyDental, we’re delighted to offer a breakthrough braces treatment that changes pretty much everything you thought you knew about this subject.


They’re called Fastbraces® and, as they name suggests, their big plus is that they operate much more quickly than traditional treatments. In as little as six months, in fact, the wearer can have those crooked or overcrowded teeth fully sorted – and at a fraction of the price of traditional treatments.


They’re available for adults as well as adolescents, and have a wide range of benefits to offer:


  • For young people in particular, saving up to 18 months of your ‘sentence’ wearing braces is a huge big deal.
  • They’re much more comfortable than traditional braces as the levels of force exerted are smaller.
  • Our clear braces system is way cheaper than the old system – simply because you spend less time in the dentist’s chair.
  • They deliver brilliant results – especially when you get the top and bottom teeth sorted at the same time.
  • This fabulous system rarely means that you have to have a healthy tooth extracted, even if there’s significant overcrowding.
  • Clear braces costless than the old-fashioned braces, but they can be even more affordable if you choose to avail of our 0% Dental Finance Plan.
  • You’ll know exactly where you stand in terms of price, as we’ll give you a firm price at your first consultation, along with a firm indication of how long you’ll need to wear them – this is different for every individual patient.

Is this a tried and tested technology?

Very definitely. The technology that drives Fastbraces® has come from the states, where it's been very common for quite a while now. This means that you can be sure of a totally predictable and consistent outcome.

A major plus of the technology is that very little force is exerted, which means that you could almost forget you're wearing them. They also have minimal impact on your speech and cause no discomfort when eating. You can find out all about this amazing technology on the company’s website - https://fastbraces.com/