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Orthodontics are way more affordable than you think.

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There’s no need to put up with a crooked or overcrowded smile any more when help is so affordable and so effective. Here's why.

We read an alarming article in the paper during the week about the cost of credit being charged by some so-called reputable lenders. We all accept that sometimes we’d rather borrow funds for a product or service – and pay it off over an agreed term. This can seem more attractive than waiting to save up for the product or service in question.

This is obviously a factor, for example, when your washing machine gives up the ghost and you need a replacement right away – not in three years’ time.

The cheapest option for borrowing is invariably a personal loan, but with credit tight at a number of main lenders, this can be difficult to source. In that case, people will sometimes revert to a credit card, which usually pushes up the APR up to around 30% - quite penal, we think you’ll agree.

But even worse, some people will go into a store and use the store’s financing partner, which can charge an eye-watering rate for the privilege of borrowing money.

We’ve never agreed with this form of greed here at MyDental. We believe that if people want to borrow for your product or service, you should make it as painless as possible. That’s why we have a 0% Dental Finance Plan in place. And yes – you read that right, the APR is 0%.

This is particularly helpful when a patient wants to have one of the costlier dental treatments on the market, such as orthodontics.

Rather than defer the treatment, which will potentially make the situation worse – or having to shell out a relatively large amount of money at once – the patient or patient’s parents) can choose to spread the cost over three months, six months, or even nine months.

This can be very helpful at expensive times of the year – such as Christmas – or when multiple members of the same family need orthodontic treatment. We had a case of twins needing braces only last month, which obviously doubled the outlay on the part of the parents, so they were over the moon when we gave them the option of 0% Finance.

They were doubly fortunate in that they lived here in the capital. And as we’re tired of telling our three readers, when it comes to orthodontics Dublin is genuinely home to some wonderfully talented dentists. And yes, of course we include ourselves in that statement!

So next time you or your family need some relatively expensive dental treatment and you think that it will have to be put on the long finger, don’t be so quick to jump to conclusions. Why not give us a ring instead, and let us talk you through the very simple application process.

And once you’ve been approved for our 0% Finance, you can look forward to a great smile from your treatment – and an even bigger smile at the thought of all the interest you’ve saved!

Meanwhile, if you'd like to do a little more research on the topic of orthodontics, may we suggest the following helpful article -

- http://www.orthodontics.ie/patient-information/questions-and-answers/?gclid=CM7e0NfS1M0CFUOe2wodCbUJzA