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Clear braces can do things you never imagined.

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Why not make 2017 the year you get those crooked teeth straightened once and for all?

If you're one of our three regular readers, you’ll know that we often like to wax philosophical in our humble blog. And today, our philosophical musings turn to the subject of gratitude. We live in an age of plenty. Here in the developed world, we have too much to eat rather than too little, and in terms of material goods, we have simply never been richer.


But do we stop from time to time to express our gratitude for all the riches we enjoy? Probably not. Today’s society seems to be one that has become used to entitlement. As the advertising slogan tells us, it’s “because you're worth it”.


And yet, in the middle of this lack of gratitude, we sometimes catch glimpses of it. And when it surfaces, it truly warms our soul. By way of example, we received a hand-written letter in the surgery last week that typified what gratitude is all about.


The letter was from a 22-year-old male who finished college last summer and is now working in one of our major high-tech firms. We first met him about six months ago, when he turned up looking to have clear braces fitted. He had one of the most pronounced cases of crooked teeth that we had seen in a long time, but had been unable to do anything about if for financial reasons. Now, with a monthly wage coming in, the first major spend he wanted to make was on his appearance.


He told us at the time that he’s always been embarrassed by his crooked teeth, and tended not to smile in public – or even in private! He felt that this was holding him back in his social life, and feared that his professional life could suffer because of his social awkwardness.


He quickly reassured our young friend that his problem could be sorted – much more quickly than he imagined, and for a lot lower financial outlay. When we told him what clear braces cost these days, he was genuinely shocked at how much the price has dropped in recent times. This is because the patient spends much less time in the surgery these days, so we can afford to charge less for our time.


He was also over the moon to hear that the modern generation of braces can work their magic in only six months. He’d been led to believe from older family members that it could take up to two years. This was true in the bac old days, but thankfully those days are long behind us.


Anyway, back to the notion of gratitude. He had his braces removed about ten days ago, and last week, his note of thanks was accompanied by a lovely basket of fruit, and a glowing tribute to our staff who had been supportive of him during his journey to a beautiful straight smile. To be honest, it went a long way towards restoring our faith in humanity.

The moral of this tale is that if you're in the market for invisible braces Ireland is a great place to search your search and you can avail of the services of some wonderfully talented and passionate dentists – including the guys here at MyDental, of course!

Not alone are we expert and friendly, but we also subscribe to the Code of Practice of the Irish Dental Council - (http://www.dentalcouncil.ie/g_dentalethics.php)

So what's stopping you? Drop in and see us – and let us put you straight!